Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a little more social

OK, so I'm going to try and be a little more social in my workouts this week.

Don't get me wrong--I really do love the solitude of a nice quiet run. There is something about it.

But I do know that sometimes a group setting can help motivate me to "kick it up a notch," too.

So, tonight I'm heading to the track for the first time in a LONG time! Gonna run with my Soler buddies. They are a really supportive and fun group of people. We're going to do a few 800 repeats, which will definitely help me get back the speed I lost over the bubonic plague I had in January. I think I'd like to race the St. Malachi 5 miler, but I know if I am really slow I'll be sad. My PR on that course is 40:02, so if I could at least be remotely close to that, I'd be satisfied. Would have broke 40 if it wasn't for that blasted hill at the end...it's a killer! ;)

Then, for my attempt at "social" cycling, I'm going to try a spin class on Thursday. I have only been to one, but walcha keeps talking about how good the workouts are so I want to check it out! I think it will be good to mix it up a bit...and frankly, I love my trainer but I am getting a bit bored of it.

Today in the pool I got there at 5:45....and it was PACKED! Early risers--and the two Y's in the area closed...so I'd better get there earlier next time. Eric was already swimming away--hope the hip feels better, Eric!!!! I did a 500 warmup easy, then 500 pull, and then thought I'd try 5X100 hard. Might as well try them when I was a little tired...just to see what I've got. They went like this:

1:45 ( started to feel like I was dying here)....took a 1 minute break and then
1:33!!!! Haven't done that FOREVER! Was very excited. Eric is my witness. :)
1:40 (was still mentally gloating from my 1:33...slacked off a bit...hee hee)

So, that was cool! Then did 600 steady and a 400 CD, for 3000 yards.

Starting to get sleepy....couldn't fall asleep last night as Matt and I headed out of town and slept in to enjoy our day off Monday! I'm paying for it now. We went on a great hike though. He got to try his new boots (I got them for his b-day) out and we are getting PUMPED for Grand Canyon!!!!

So, we'll see how this "socialized" working out goes! Gotta mix it up, ya know?


Cliff said...

That's good Sara.

I am social at the ppl i swim with..i guess that kind counts for something...

Kurt said...

I try to do a social run 1-2x a month. One of them is for tempo runs and the other is for our middle runs of 13-15 miles. Always nice way to pass the miles and get caught up on the running lives of others.

Anonymous said...

I don't know too much bout running but I know for cycling, having others to ride with can make a world of difference. Keep it up, the worst thing that could happen is you finding out that you're better off on your own.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Go you!! Great swim!

I am thinking of doing St. Malachi too! I'd love to meet up with you!

rice said...

I have never been big on the social workouts.. I find that others are not as hard on themselves as me and they then offer a easy way for me to call it quits early or not go at all.. That’s just me though. “Train like you fight and fight like you train”. Its an individual sport and that’s what I love about it.



Keryn said...

I envy your swimming skills.

I do understand about the whole alone vs social training thing. My training time is MY time. But every now and then a social workout does push me harder and get me moving when I might otherwise quit. Good move. :)

Keryn said...

Oh...let me know how your spin class goes. I really love my spin classes!

Curly Su said...

okay, mrs. socialite--next week you're coming to garfield heights with us! (we're only going there a couple more times before track workouts start again...track workouts are the devil...)

qcmier said...

I like group workouts when I know they will help me, and when there is beer afterwards. I do miss the Second Sole group.

Spence said...

I was thinking about this today too as I was listening to one of Simply Stu's podcasts - the group is TOTALLY what motivates me in swimming and I know it would help me a ton to have running and cycling groups. Spinning is definitely great - I hope you enjoy your class! Hey, were you swimming in a meter or yard pool?

Spence said...
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Papa Louie said...

Hey, what's going on in garfield heights? that's where I live.

Batman said...

Great swim! I hope you enjoy the spinning. I probably do it too much.