Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Year Ever.

This past year, I somehow managed to have the best races of my life all in one season.

I'm pretty much amazed still.  I know it was a few months ago, but I totally did NOT see this coming in 2013.

Lots and lots of people to thank for this, including my awesome coach, my amazing team, my sponsors,     my running girls, and of course, Matt and my family.  None of these finish lines would have ever happened without them.

I had to document this pretty epic year.  Here's to 2014!

(Music courtesy of Langhorne Slim and the Law.  )

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Race Report: Turkey Dash, 2013

Totally didn't expect this race to go so well!

First of all, we've already established that I've done little since the marathon but run easy, cross train a bit, and consume copious amounts of peanut butter. No speedwork has been completed.  Repeat: NONE.

Then on Wednesday, I decided to take Kim up on an invitation to head to the Beachland Ballroom to go hear some good live music.  It was super fun, but a late night fueled by a Bell's Winter White and some water (because I'm a responsible hydrater like that).

Got up early to the bitter chill and wind and thought WHY WHY WHYDIDITHINKTHISWASAGOODIDEA?  Ugh.  I sort of wished I was pacing a friend or something so it would make me NOT feel like I had to run hard.  But the only person I knew running aside from my awesome Mom was Katie, and let's face it, her sub-7 minute pace is not exactly what I would call "comfortable" and more what I call "puke-enducing."
Me and the Mom, who is actually almost 27 years older than me.  No joke. If I don't age like she has, I'm a gonna HURT SOMEBODY

So, I figured I'd just give it a go and see what happened.

First mile was around 7:20, so all things considered, not too bad.  I slowed down a bit in the 2nd mile--something around 7:40?  May have been a touch long.  Then I just decided that I still, for some reason, felt pretty good (this is rare in a 5K and means I am not running fast enough, of course) so I picked it up at the end to actually negative split the race.  What?  I NEVER negative split 5Ks.  I go out too fast and then DIEDIEDIE every time.
BRRR it was cold!

flyin' to the finish

But I picked it up and crossed the line all, "ain't no thang." I barely even felt tired.  And the best part? I ran a 23:2X (chip time is messed up so I'll update it when it's fixed!).  Considering it took me 9 years to break an old PR of 23:43, pulling this 23:2X outta my ear is pretty awesome.

Now, if only I could run a 5K to my full potential and actually do it right.  Alas, that HURTS WAY TOO MUCH.

But for now? Pumpkin pie, please!

The real reason why I run on Thanksgiving: double pie