Saturday, February 04, 2006

checking my fins

Okay, so I was the "surprise a triathlete" guest on the podcast this week--Curly Su guessed right. :) Kinda strange to hear it now--hope my Cleveland accent doesn't drive people out there nuts. Of course, I don't think I have an accent at all, but when I spent the summer of '02 in D.C. for the James Madison Fellowship thingy, there was basically one social studies teacher from every state--and I got sooooooooooo made fun of for my accent. I mean, seriously...I had a Texan telling me I had an accent! Come on, now! Texas!!! Anyway, if I sound like the Aflac duck then hey, I guess that's just me. :)

So I got back to the pool this morning--yay! Funny thing is, I had these really wierd dreams last night. The Y pool lap swim was from 7-9, but I kept having these dreams that I got up at 7 to get there around 7:30 (to miss the initial rush) and stuff kept getting in my way. First there was a bunch of goats crossing the street.


I'm wondering the significance of goats....seriously...did I accidentally smoke crack last night or something?

Then I got there and the water was shut off and they had to refill the pool......????

So in my dream I started my 3000 yard swim at 8:52 and I only got to do a few laps.


So I did get up at 7:15ish, without an alarm no less! No goats in my way as I headed to the pool.
I had a workout in my bag that I planned on doing the day I got really it's been on hold for over 2 weeks. Hmmmm. I wasn't sure if I'd feel my fins today so I thought I'd give it a go and see...

400 yd Warm Up

8X75 kick, swim, drill--these were actually really fun. I read on someone's blog this week (I can't remember who's or I'd give them some props here...maybe TarHeelTri?) that instead of using a kickboard you should kick on your back streamlining your arms, since that gives you a better sense of feeling the streamline while you kick. It totally worked!!!

6X200 Negative Split, 20 seconds rest between: Not sure about this one....thought I'd just see how they went and if I didn't NS them, I wouldn't beat myself up too bad. They went like this:


Woo hoo!!!! That was a nice boost to the ol' confidence. I've lost a little bit from my 2 week hiatus, but not too much--and I kicked it strong at the end!

Then 6X100 on :15 rest. Did those a bit slower as I was feeling a little tired.

200 CD

Total: 3000 yards

So I am pretty pumped. Took a shower at the Y, came home, made some blueberry waffles and scrambled eggs, put a pot on for Matt's tea and brewed my yummy Cravings coffee...and Matt woke up just as the teapot whistled.

It's a good day. :)


Cliff said...

You are famous, Sara. I can't wait until i listen to the podcast tomorrow on my run.

My coach show me to use the kickboard by holding on to it, face up the pool and watch my own feet kicking. This way i can see if I am flickering or not. I never use the kickboard like traditional way (board in front, hands hold the board, face down the pool and kick away).

Hmm....goat...smells like lamb chop :D.

TryAthlete said...

Well done. You kick ass like Sydney.

walchka said...

You will have to let us know if you find out if there is any significance with goat dream. :)

Nice job on your swim!

E-Speed said...

you sounded great in the podcast! We maybe got like an inch of snow total so far. I slept in thinking the drive to Solon would be unbearable and woke up to pretty much nothing. Doh!

Yeah I don't know why they got everyone worked up about it.

Eric said...

Can't wait to hear you on GYGO #3. I still have to make it through #2.

Glad you had a good swim as a comeback.

Batman said...

Awesome swim. There's nothing better than a great breakfast after a killer workout. The coffee just tastes better.

Chris said...

Hey! Your interview was awesome! That's so funny that you swam the 50 way back when too. I was a sprint specialist back in the day. Who'd have guessed that folks like us who just went down and back would be into this sort of ultra distance craziness?!

Great job on the interview. It was great to put a voice with the screen name. :)

Keryn said...

It doesn't sound like you have an accent to me. But the similarities between you and Wil are eerie. :)

Weird dream, but great workout!