Friday, February 17, 2006

demon spawn, and my mom that rocks

So you might have read my post from a month or two ago about Floyd, the raccoon that was living in our chimney? And we caught him and released him and then capped the chimney?

Yeah, uh, there was apparently another one. A big 'un. Who has been living in the chimney by day, and wreaking havoc at night. He STOLE the ENTIRE CANISTER of fish food off of Matt's 125 gallon tank. He STOLE the ENTIRE CANISTER of Peppy the Turtle's food.


I've been riding my bike down there with a FREAKING RACCOON!!!!

For TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do we know? Um, when I went down to change the laundry 2 days ago and I SAW IT.

I about FREAKED OUT. Had a level 5 meltdown.

Of course, the guy who capped our chimney didn't show for his appointment yesterday and is now not calling us back.

That @s$%Y*O was shady from the beginning....

So we called the animal warden--who only works Monday through Thursday. Well isn't that convenient. The police said there's a waiting list for traps, anyways. So we dropped $80 on a trap at the hardware store. They were almost all out of traps--I mean, seriously, is there an army of varmints taking over my town???!!!!

So now we have an elaborate trap set up downstairs, and the @*(&#^% has already eaten TWO different pieces of bread from it.

It woke us up at 3:30 last night because apparantly it busted through the doors of our OTHER chimney that led to our living room. Poor Mugsy must have saw it and barked his head off. THANK GOD Mugs sleeps in his crate....if something had happened to that dog I think I would have died.

So Matt tied the doors shut and we tried to go back to bed at around 4:15am...but I think I probably fell asleep around 5:30? I was pretty wired.

The alarm went off at 6:05. Ugh....I had to drive down to Case Western Reserve University (TOTAL other side of C-Town) to go to a workshop on the Bill of Rights.


It was actually interesting, since I'm a geek. But I could barely stay awake for the lectures. And due to the swim clinic that Eric and I are going to attend on Sunday, I had to do my long run today.

This should be interesting.

As soon as I got home, I put on my running clothes before I had time to think about it. And definitely before I sat down. If I did that, it would be all over.

Headed out for my 2 hour run. It was chilly (30 degrees or so) and pretty windy, but nice and sunny. I had a GREAT run and really feel like I got my legs back. Still not up to what I was able to do last summer, but since I'm coming off this sick junk, I'll take it.

All in all: ran 11.43 miles in 1:59.39, which works out to 10:28/mile. I'll take it for today, all things considered!

So, Mr. Raccoon Bastard, unless you plan on paying rent, you'd best get a move on. PRONTO.

Stay tuned for pictures of one pissed off, trapped raccoon....

And, my awesome Mom who is running in the Chili Bowl 5K tomorrow! She is a rock star. I'm so proud of her. And good luck to my good ol' college roomie, DaisyDuc and also to Curly Su and Elizabeth, too!


Cliff said...

Go MOM!!....

geez I think the raccoons are moving in b/c the weather got much colder.

I hope you catch it.

TryAthlete said...

What a day! Hope you get that pesky raccoon!

Curly Su said...

thanks for the good luck, dude...

can we say freaking freezing ass cold outside today???

Keryn said...

I'm sorry, but mom racing trumps your raccoon problem any day. GO MOM!

Now...raccoons suck. That is so scary! Hopefully, you can get someone out there Monday if you don't trap it in the mean time.

And I think I would have had a level 5 meltdown too. And I'm not sure I could have slept at all...scary...

Good luck!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Yeah for your mom! You have to post pics. I wish I would have gone - I much rather would have run in the race that go to spinning class. I would have loved to have met all the Ohio bloggers in attendance, too!

BuckeyeRunner said...

And can I just say that if I had met a raccoon inside my house, I would have freaked out about 10 different ways!! You are handling it very well!

Batman said...

Great run and good luck with the racoon; I hear they make good hats...

Rae said...

Growing up we had a raccoon climb into our chimney and have BABIES in our heating pipe things. Every night there was SUCH a racket from the things when the mom would bring them food. We had to wait until they were large enough to be able to climb back up the chimney before the extermintor could bomb them out. One actually got in our house one night and it was SO frightening!!! I know your pain!

Chris said...

Ugh. That would totally freak me out! I hope you guys catch it (or have already caught it... I'm behind and reading from the bottom up! :) ).