Thursday, December 31, 2009


Remember all that Y2K stuff?

I found all my old pictures from that. Had to laugh--my Cleveland buddies all came down to visit me in Cincinnati and we went out to this bar in Mount Adams. I remember drinking green fruity drinks and seeing fireworks over the Ohio River and being 22. It was my first year teaching...I still had my OSU law school application stuff in my apartment because I really didn't think I'd make it through that first year of teaching. I was dating some random guy from Kentucky--should have known it would never work as he was a UK fan. (Ew.)

Remember all that "new century" hype? And how everyone thought the world might end at midnight because computer glitches might make our ATMs freeze up? Oh, the horror.

It turns out the real day the world changed forever would be a sunny Tuesday morning in September, a little over a year and a half away.

I forgot, almost completely, that this would be a new decade tomorrow. And let's be honest--2000-2009 hasn't been the greatest decade for my country. 9/11, two wars, the worst recession since the crash of 1929, Katrina. It's pretty depressing, actually. And even more so when you factor in the world. Darfur. The tsunami. Iran.

I'm gonna stop now, before I get sick to my stomach.

But despite that, I have to say that this has been a wonderful decade for me.

I finally let go of some things that had to be let go of, and should have years prior.

I spent two weeks in Germany as an Armonk Scholar and got to see things no punk kid who is 23 should ever be lucky enough to see.

I re-met my husband. I say "re-met," because we had known each other ever since he took me to Homecoming my sophomore year. But we met again, and this time at just the right time.

I became a James Madison Fellow, and it allowed me to earn another degree that I put lots of blood, sweat, and tears into. I earned those two letters, "M.A.," for sure.

I married my best friend.

I fell in love with my career, despite all the challenges it continually throws at me. And because of those challenges.

I became an Ironman.

I fell in love again with my little man in October of 2007, and more and more every day since.

This year will bring challenges, no doubt. A long and hard battle with cancer in our family is one that is ongoing.

But I am just about 6 weeks away from falling in love all over again. Two of my close friends are getting married this year, and I'm going to be a part of both of their big days. Several of my close friends are expecting. I get to race again. I still have a fantastic job that I enjoy going to.

I still can't help feeling like I'm 22 a bit--staring at the stars over the Ohio River, surrounded by my friends and wondering what the future will hold.

I still feel like I'm the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

52 and Raining

Just got finished watching the World Championships.

About 2 weeks ago, when I was driving my car home from work, the temperature registered as 52 degrees on my dashboard. It was raining pretty hard, and also pretty windy. Unseasonably warm for Cleveland in December, and the wind reminded me that it was in fact, a fluke. It wasn't supposed to be 52 and raining. It wouldn't be for long.

Whenever I see 52 and raining, it takes me back to that day. The day that was also, in essence, a fluke. I remember the months of training...deliberately waiting until 1pm in July when it was a good 84 degrees or so to start my long run. "So I can be ready," I thought. Because it's always, always hot and humid in Madison.

Except when it wasn't.

I remember the emotions of that day: the profound disappointment, extreme pain, gratitude for my friends and family and their support, love for my most loyal fan Matt, fear of the unknown and of 5:30pm and of cutoffs, belief in myself, and utter, sheer joy when I crossed that line.

I remember this:

(Courtesy of Taconite Boy--thanks, buddy for filming that moment that I never dreamed I'd really get to have.)

Watching the World Championships tonight, someone said that "you really can't imagine those emotions at the finish line unless you've been there." And I really think that is so true. I can't describe it at all, except to say that it's one of the most remarkable and memorable moments of my life where I've felt the most alive I've ever felt.

For me, Ironman is not a one-time event. I just know I'll be back there someday. I don't know where, exactly. And I definitely don't know when. But I can say with 100% certainty that it will not be anytime soon. For me, I just respect the race too much to do that. I know what I, personally, would need to do to get there, and I have no--and I really mean this--NO desire to sacrifice what I'd need to sacrifice at this moment to get to that start line...let alone the finish line again. Some can get by on a lot less training than I could, and that rocks. But for me to do it the way I'd want to do it, it would take a lot of major, major sacrificing. And I really, truly believe that about 90% of completing an Ironman is wanting to complete an Ironman.

But just knowing that I will get to that finish line again someday is pretty exciting.

And it might not be 52 degrees and raining again. Maybe this time it will be 90 degrees and humid. Or 65 and cloudless. Or whatever. Who cares? Because that's not really the point.

Ironman is about learning who you are and what you are made of.

Friday, December 18, 2009



Usually, I am not one to celebrate average-ness. But today at the ultrasound, I got word that my little bean is right around the 50th percentile in size. Approximately 4 pounds, 1 ounce, to be exact. And this is EXCELLENT news.

I am about 31.5 weeks. Jackson at 36 weeks was an estimated 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

So there's your frame of reference.

The doctor said he doesn't THINK I'll be looking at another 10 pounder here, but obviously anything can happen. I'll have one more ultrasound around 36/37 weeks just to be sure, but this was the best news we could have gotten today. So we're pretty pumped!

Plus, it's just fun to see the baby on the screen. I get to see the little person who has been BACKING THAT BUM UP against my belly, like, nonstop for about 3 days. And if I do say so myself, it's a cute little bum shaker.

One step closer in my goal of avoiding both an induction and a C-section. Of course, I know a lot could happen and it's not all up to me. But this was pretty good news!

Now, for a trail run tomorrow with JenC and B! Preggers, UNITE. Hopefully I can actually still run--I haven't tried since the 5K and have just been walking and doing yoga.

But, most assuredly, pancakes WILL be consumed at the end.

Oh yes. They will.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Sasquatch?


I have taken the liberty to NOT LOOK at the doctor's every time I get weighed. Seriously. I close my eyes, announce I'm not looking, and don't look. It just messes with my head too much.

The last two times, my doc has said, "Can I tell you how much you've gained?"

My response has been "NO" both times. Very emphatically.

So today, she asked again..."Seriously...can I tell you?"


"Well, is it okay...?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes. You're fine!"


So, I definitely don't FEEL like I look like I did with Bug at 32 weeks, but that was the dead middle of a very humid Ohio August. And record breaking temps that September (in my non-air conditioned classroom. Which was AWESOME, by the way). I am still able to wear my rings, I don't really have cankles (yet), and I haven't blown up quite like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man like I did last time.

So here's hoping.

I will be having an ultrasound tomorrow to "see what we're working with" (my doctor's quote). Doc said last month and this month that I'm not measuring "particularly big," which is very good. And important. I'm hoping to avoid both A) an induction (because now I know what that means...and it is NOT FUN) and B) a C-section if at all possible. Obviously, I don't have a crystal ball, and I understand anything can happen in a delivery room. I'm just hoping that I'm on track for a nice, healthy baby who's hopefully not 6'4 and 22o. I don't ask for much.

At Bug's 36 week ultrasound, he was already measuring 8 pounds, 5 ounces. And that, my friends, is when I knew I was in BIG TROUBLE.

So, crossing fingers here...I've been able to be active still and am eating as clean as I can (except for my RIDICULOUS sweet tooth--that's clearly not very clean at all), so I know I'm doing everything in my power to bake a healthy bean. The rest, quite frankly, isn't up to me.

But I sure am excited to see the little one on that screen tomorrow morning. Two months from today is the approximate day I'll meet Bug's little bro or sis.

I'm gettin' pretty excited. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Huge being ME, of course.

So I ran the Reindeer Run 5K FASTER today than I ran the Turkey Dash 5K 10 days ago! WOOT! Not sure how I pulled that off, as I thought I'd definitely need to do LOTS of walking. I think yoga is really helping with my back and strength, though! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It was so fun to be at a race again--I wish there were a few more but the next local 5K isn't until the Chili Bowl which I'm pretty sure is, like, the week before I'm due. And going into labor on the course might not be the best idea.

Pretty darn proud of myself for running through 30 weeks. I'm going to keep on keepin' on here until it doesn't feel good and isn't fun anymore, and then I'll stick with walking, yoga, and swimming. Although I must admit, my choice of suit to replace my extremely low and borderline indecent 2 piece I'm too cheap to get an expensive maternity suit, so I ordered a cheap one piece in the biggest size I could find for $25 on clearance at Dick's. The only trouble is that they didn't have black. So I got my favorite color, red.

And now, folks, I look like the most horribly miscast actress on Baywatch EVER.

Basically, I look like this. EXCEPT NOT AT ALL.

But whatever. 2 more months, right? I can look ridiculous for 2 more months. I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous often, anyway, so no big whoop.

Here's a few pics from this morning...

All the crew at the Original House of Pancakes afterwards! ESpeed not only PRd today, but WON THE RACE! Yay! And, technically, there are 13 people in this picture... :)

There were actually 5 of us running who were pregnant! I am the farthest along, but JenC's not too far behind me!

Me and JenC

Hooray for running buddies, and especially hooray for my preggers running buddies who paced me to a blazing fast PR today! :) You guys rock!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


\So what do I decide to pull out last night?

The book I bought when I was first preggers with Bug.

Core Performance: Endurance.

Why? Why anything about CORE right now?

My core is seriously obliterated. Sigh.

All kidding aside, the book outlines some great stuff about strength and nutrition. I am happy to say I've been pretty good on the nutrition front (minus the Pumpkin French Toast I had with JenC last Saturday...but come on, could you pass that up?!) lately. I still have a sweet tooth like nobody's business, but I've been really trying to focus on whole grains and clean food.

I guess I'm just trying to research as much as I can about strength training: preferably in short bursts where you still get a lot of output. Because if I want to do everything I am planning on next season, I will need to get my strength back. I'm not really a spring chicken anymore, right? After two pregnancies, if I'm not good about strength and core, I'm a bit worried about the "I" word.

You know, the thing I never really have had too much trouble with.

That makes you miss races and stuff.

That rhymes with "Schminjury."

That hurts.

That I won't mention right here, for fear I jinx it.

Okay, enough about that. I have been making the tastiest oatmeal this week and have to share. I made gingerbread waffles Sunday morning for Bug and Matt (they really aren't too unhealthy--I swear) and had some leftover pumpkin puree. So I've been using it to make Pumpkin Oatmeal! Super quick and easy, and literally is holding off my appetite until my 4th period lunch, which I wasn't sure anyone or anything could do. Here's how I make it:

1 cup water
1/2 cup of oatmeal

Nuke for 1:45.

Then, mix in:

2 T pumpkin puree
a handful of craisins
a dash of nutmeg
a few sprinkles of cinnamon
just a teensy bit of brown sugar to sweeten a bit

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. If you're a pumpkin fan, you MUST try this.

Stay tuned for the last installment of "Pregnant chicks running 5ks" this weekend! I'm making some signs for our backs...any funny sayings I should put on them? I threw the gauntlet up on my facebook account and got some great responses!