Thursday, April 05, 2007

From February 5, 2007...

Well, I called my doc today.

I had to leave a message with the receptionist. It went something like this.

"Um, hi. Yeah, um, I just found out I'm pregnant. My first! *giggle stupidly* Yeah, I'm so excited! Thanks! Well, see, I'm a patient of Dr. S's, and, um, I have a question. I'm a runner, see...well, not a sprinter but a distance runner, and I wanted to ask the doctor how far I can go now....slowly of course. Yeah, that's, definitely not fast....I mean, everything I'm reading says I can do "normal activity," but for me normal activity usually means a 10-15 mile run on the weekends...yeah, I know it's a little, you're right, you definitely don't have to talk this one into exercising, ha, could you just have her call me back and let me know how long I can go? Slowly of course... I was thinking maybe, like, an hour? Two? You'll have her call me? Sounds good! Thanks!"


About a half hour later, the phone rang.

"This is so and so from Dr. S's office. The doctor says you're clear to run slowly for no more than 5 miles during the first trimester. Then she'll make changes as she sees fit."


Five miles?

Five miles is....a short run for me. Five miles is the least I usually do--I don't even like to do a run if it's less than 5 miles.

For some reason, this is making me quite sad.

I know it's what is safe, and I need to remember what is safe. But it's just that running has been my sanity since I found it 4 years ago. What did I do before I became a runner? I can't even really seem to remember it.

I guess I'll have to.

There will have to be lots of time in the pool and on my trainer, I guess. This is fine. It will be OK. The road's not going anywhere. It'll be there when October comes...or, rather, November, which will probably be when I can really hit it again.

When we were in Hawaii, we got to hang out one night with my buddy Vicki and her husband Jeff and son Aidan. He's so darn cute--about 18 months old. We went out to dinner and were talking about things, and she said how being a mother was even more amazing than anyone had ever tried to explain to her.

"But you definitely go through this little thing, this period of, like, mourning of the loss of your independence," she said. "It takes a little getting used to. But it's worth it."

I supposed this is small potatoes for what will come. It will be worth it. I know this...I really do.

But I really look forward to a nice, 2 hour run on a Saturday. I really do...

Five miles.

I guess I'm just going to have to learn to love five miles for a little while. I've gotta keep my eyes on the prize, here, and remember how it will all be worth it--how it will be better than I can even imagine right now. Life is definitely changing...and this is another little reminder.


Laurie said...

I love that you are sharing your thoughts about being pregnant. Keep them coming!

Robin said...

I just caught up with your blog and WOWWWW congratulations! Yes, it changes everything, this is one of the first changes, but one of many, many, many things that will from now and forevermore be Different in life. No one will ever be able to tell you how utterly and completely changed you will be, but you will come to know it little by little.

I am so happy that you're being blessed with this new little life. Such an exciting time. I wish you nothing but the best. And you are already so wise: the road will always be there. It's a lesson that will keep coming back over and over with a child in your life.

And then you blink and you have a day like I had this week when your son says "Mom, I think I'm growing a mustache." Eeeek! How did I get here from there?

Treasure every second. :-) And congrats again!!!!!! And I can't wait to read all about your adventures with baby on board.

Anonymous said...

You'll sort everything out and your body will tell you what you can and cannot do during the months until your bundle of joy arrives. As an endurance athlete you're already attuned to the messages your body sends you. Just make sure to "listen" and you'll be aces.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Take it easy, it's only nine months.

Jodi said...

5 miles... bummer! I wonder if it will be okay for you to take longer hikes in the metroparks this spring. It's so therapeutic!


Wes said...

Five miles at a time? Once a day? Sounds reasonable. You'll overcome these challenges :-)

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

you likely already have found her, but if not you must check out jessie/due north's blog. she's on hiatus now (since the baby was born) but she posted a lot about healthy training during pregnancy.

jeanne said...

Maybe you need a doctor who understands running--and runners! She's probably relying on old info..or info for regular people! you are not regular people!

Good luck.

E-Speed said...

5 miles is definitely enough to keep fit girl! Just think how great those first long runs back will be when you have been dreaming of them for so long!

a.maria said...

can i just be really honest for a second!!?!?! THIS SHIT FREAKS ME OUT! i'm so excited for you, and i love, love that you're sharing all this, but IT REALLY FREAKS ME OUT! having a kid is like sooooo not really a thought in my mind right now, but even so.

holy shit girl!! for reals!

Rae said...

Ha! That's a funny comment to follow. Different places for different people....

5 miles??? I do think when I have kids I want to find a doc who is a runner. You always see those 7 month pregnant women running marathons and wonder who their doc is....

Julia said...

Sara, the 5 miles is a caution in the first 3 months because this is when one is likely to lose a baby if put under too much stress. I used to dilute it out by combining a little walking along with the running, like 5 minutes of running and then 1 minute of walking until I got to an hour. You should also be warned that after the fifth month you tend to have balancing problems with the stomach getting heavier, so running might be altogether out. I walked a LOT even completing 10km the day before giving birth. Just keep up your strength exercise (lunges, squats, step, etc) and you'll be good to go in nine months. I ran a marathon within 1 year after giving birth to my two children and the last was born when I was 43 (!). Have fun with the pregnancy, I do have fond memories of mine :-)