Monday, April 30, 2007

Here's the last post before I told ya in early April!



Stupid over-emotional, dramatic, triathlon-withdrawal self. The little heartbeat fixed all that. I kind of knew it would.

Now it's real, you know? It's not just something that's kind of in my's there. So, to celebrate, I took Baby Z for a four mile run yesterday. It. was. AWESOME.

It was 80 degrees and sunny. A rare event in Cleveland during early April. A bright, shiny, warm day where I felt the sweat under my Ironman hat and saw kids out playing, cyclists on the road, and other runners. I felt like me again.

It was the best four mile run I've had since...well, since I've been running less than five miles at a time.

Today was 37 and had flurries in the air. And just like that, spring's on hold.

But I've gotten a glimpse now. I've felt the sun on my skin.

Rainy, sleety days may come....but nothing can take away my four mile run. Or that little heartbeat.

And that, my friends, is what's going to keep me going.


Fe-lady said...

spring and baby heartbeats! Can't get much better than that!
(or maybe it can????!!!)

Steve Stenzel said...

I hope baby Z enjoyed the run too!

Unknown said...

So we're all caught up? Yay. And now on to the continuing adventures.

We skipped spring here in the Maconga. It went from winter straight into summer. YIKES. Hot and humid, anyone?