Friday, April 06, 2007

From February 6, 2007....

"Okay, So This is How It's Gonna Be..."
I had ANOTHER day of school called off today! 2 in a row?! Woot woot!

So...I went to the pool for lap swim around 7:20. It felt nice to sleep in a bit, but still get a workout in. I swam an easy 2000 yards--some drills, some pull, some steady. And it felt good.

So, I think this will be my philosophy for the next nine months. I'm going to just do something that makes me happy (swim, bike on the trainer, easy run, or yoga) every day for a half hour to an hour, as long as I can. Eventually, the runs will turn to walks. And I'll maintain a bit of fitness while preparing my body for what's going to happen to it in October. And then, hopefully, I'll bounce back relatively quickly since I'll have kept active.

A season without races.

This will be my first one since 2000. It's going to be a little odd. But, I'm sure I can find other ways to pass the time. I just signed up to volunteer at my Tri Club's Spring Duathlon Series. I'll probably volunteer at a bunch of tris around here this summer. And, I'm very pumped to be part of the aid station for the brand new Burning River 100 Race this August, since I will no longer be able to compete at Steelhead.

So, I guess it won't totally be a season without races. Just without ME racing. But I'll keep myself occupied....I'm sure there are a million things that are going to come up that I have absolutely NO idea about yet.

After all, I'm an entirely different kind of newbie this season.


Clot Buster said...

WHat a beautiful life changing event you guys get to experience. Enjoy every minute of it. There will be plenty more opportunities for you to keep racing.. Plus there is some truth about women returning better to racing after a pregnancy. Congratulations once more! Enjoy the ride!

Benson said...

Wowee! Many blessings to you on your new adventure. Just imagine the day when you'll hear "mommy, can I get a new bike?"

Jennifer P said...

I volunteered while knocked up and it was a great experience. Even this year while trying to get back in the saddle I plan to volunteer again. It's a great way to give back!

21stCenturyMom said...

There is a woman on my masters team who swam so far into her pregnancy I was pretty sure she was going to deliver her babies in the pool! And she got back in to shape really fast after birth. Good plan!

Habeela said...

When you figure out these other ways to occupy your time, let me know! I can use as many suggestions as possible!

Robin said...

Swimming is the *best* when you're pregnant. I swam my last workout 18 hours before having my 2nd kid. I gave up on fitting in a regular suit and just bought a 2-piece speedo. You do have to give up on flip turns eventually though.

And in the long run, a season without races will seem like a relatively small thing (though it looms large now.) I'm betting you'll find it relatively easy to get back into, once you're into the mommy groove.

Volunteering sounds like a great way to spend this season!

E-Speed said...

hey who's aid station are you working for Burning River?

I'm in charge of the night station at Big Bend. Todd lives right there (Amie's boyf) so if you want to work with us we have a nice house for bathroom breaks and naps through the night!) ;)

Steve Stenzel said...

Two words:

Lawn Jarts.


If that doesn't entertain you, glue a cat to your back. That'll give you something to do. Or stop scratching your itches.

TriShannon said...

Volunteering sounds like a great plan! I have no doubt you will bounce back quickly.

Kewl Nitrox said...


"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him." Psalms 127:3

Janet Edwards said...

I am so excited to here about your plans to volunteer a lot this year. That will be a great way to enjoy this season and your efforts will be appreciated by I will get to see you more! YEAH!

RunBubbaRun said...

I think you can still race, but nothing hard core.. But races will always be there. This time will not, so enjoy it..

Wow, volunteer for 100 miler, that is way cool..

ps. I saw a book by runner's world. Pregnancy and running.. It might be worth a look..

Fe-lady said...

I swam all through my pregnancy and it was the only time (when I got big) that I felt svelt and fast and not big and dumpy and uncoordinated!
Walked a lot too....was on my bike a few days after my c-section. (NOT something m Dr. knew about!)