Friday, January 27, 2006

things I did today

Well, I stayed true to Doc's orders and stayed home from work, and did NOT work out. What could I have possibly done with my time? Here's a short list:

1. Had some crazy fricken dreams...must have been these crazy meds.
2. Slept soundly until 10! Geez! Must've needed it...
3. Read blogs and trifuel articles. Stared outside at 47 degree, sunny day. Sighed.
4. Checked my blog to find lots of blog buddies wishing me well--thanks guys, I needed it! :)
5. Listened to Iron Wil and Tri Geek Kahuna's Podcast--Loved it loved it loved it! If I knew how to put it on my site I would, but since I don't--go to their sites and immediately download it. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
6. Smiled at a little surprise at the end of the podcast--thanks for cheering me up, Wil! :)
7. Drank 4.5 Nalgene-bottles full of water. That's 144 oz. Enough to float away, I think...
8. Cleaned my house. (Okay, I was starting to go insane at this point)
9. Saw online the Indians are planning on trading Coco Crisp to the Red Sox...damn Johnny Damon again--he started this!!! Got mad. Grrr...vented to Mugsy.
10. Decided I needed to do something productive with my time. Cleaned out my desk drawers.

Yes, the desk drawers have been a bit messy for a while. I'm pretty much a neat freak about everything but drawers. They are my cleaning tragic flaw. It's just so easy to shove stuff in 'em and close them, and everything looks so neat and tidy...

Found some random stuff my mom has been bringing over in shifts, ever since Matt and I bought the place. Stuff from my childhood room. Happened across some pictures--and on the back of them it was scribbled, "Sara's first swim meet: 6/18/85" That puts me at 7 years old. Here I am--check out my sweet racing suit...uh, yeah, that's the one with the turquoise blue background and white polka dots:

I mean, I not the most gargantuan 7- year old you've ever seen? I swear I've been 5'8" since age 10....

Apparently, even though I was sans goggles and swim cap, I wasn't half bad. The back of the picture also said, "Finished first 8 and under breast!" Sweet.

Also found my elementary "memory book," aka where my mom kept a bunch of random papers and stuff I made. Definitely got a laugh out of some of these things. Found it interesting that in my "Favorite Sports" section of each grade, the following was listed:

1st: swiming and bike riding (that's not a typo--that's how I spelled it. come on, kid.)

2nd: swiming and bike riding (OK, by 2nd grade I should know there are 2 "m's")

3rd: swimming and roller skating (there we go--but huh? roller skating?)

4th :swimming

5th: swimming and softball

My professions were entertaining, too...I didn't list them until 3rd grade:

3rd: professional roller skater (I'm not kidding...I couldn't make that up, folks)

4th: teacher

5th: teacher and writer

So the moral of the story is, kids know more than they think they do about their future. Except when it comes to roller skating and spelling "swimming."

Tri on, everyone! Enjoy your workouts tomorrow!


Jennifer P said...

I'm finding all sorts of funny kids/school stuff too. I found by badges from swimming lessons and backstroke was my weakest stroke -- it's now my favourite.
The girl behind you -- I swear I had that suit was I was little.

Cliff said...

Are you pushing that kid into the pool in that pic? It sure looks like it :)

Get well soon.

Kewl Nitrox said...

You were a BIG kid. :)

I find that it is very important to listen to our bodies. I find that when my body says "rest" and I don't, I usually end up paying for it in injury or sickness. When I do, I may miss some training time, but I am usually betta off for it. Hang in there and I'm sure you will be out training again soon!

Chris said...

Haha. I haven't thought about roller skating in AGES! :)

Hope you're making progress with your pneumonia and that you feel better soon!

Eric said...

Wow, you managed to get alot done resting at home.

Thanks for sharing the picture at the pool. I have memories from 1985 as well, that's when I graduated from high school.

This old man says get better soon.

Susan said...

Ok, I feel old - I was in high school in 1985 . . . woe is me!!!

That is such a cute pic.

Wil said...

Two things, can I just say that I love the fact that you say "frickin'" and second, I'm SO glad you got the chart working, I've been feeling like a big loser for not getting the code to you! Way to get totally sick of waiting on me :) and just bust it out! LOL!

TriMase said...

TriSara - Take care of that Pn.-nothing to fool around with. 1st time to write, came over from IronWil. Good luck in WI-tri. Love your blog. TriMase

Rae said...

What a sweet picture! You should frame that with a more recent one next to it!