Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Royalty" for a day

So I'm a total geek and I'm really excited that my tri club just announced who "won" our little "Holiday Training Camp." Basically, it's a 10 day virtual "camp" where we kept track of our workouts and were assigned point values. 1 mile ran = 4 points, 100 yards swam = 1 point, and 3 minutes on trainer = 1 point. It was a good way to keep us motivated during these holidays, ya know? We had to post our results every day and I didn't want to type, "Sat on my ass and ate cookies" while everyone else was doing 2-hour bricks. So I really worked out consistently and put in some good volume with only one day off during camp (the first Monday--it ended Sunday and I take every Monday off).

It's official--I ended up with 275 points and tied for the "Queen" of camp! Woo hoo! I thought there was no way I'd catch our top scorer, as she rocks and is an ass-kickin' triathlete. I'm sure if we went for speed she'd have me whooped, but for just this once, the time you put into it counted more! I have to admit I'm a little excited. :) They're giving out "crowns" to the King and Queen (s) at our winter meeting. tee hee...even if it's a Burger King crown, I'll just put it on my little age-grouper trophy shelf with pride.

I'm also pumped because the Nakon Foundation put a sweet pic on their website! My mom teaches 3 year olds and had Karen Nakon's daughter in her class a few years ago. Karen died of breast cancer on her 38th birthday. They set up this Turkey Dash in her memory and my mom, Jenn, and I ran it in the 17 degree blustering winds this year. It was soooooooo fun but the slowest 5K I've ran in 4 years due to the HORRIBLE blowing wind and ice! I was sooooo worried about my MOM out on that course--she's a rock star but she's not used to running in this stuff. So Jenn and I turned around and ran back out to meet her at about the 2 1/2 mile marker so we could run her in together. Then they snapped the picture and we made the website! It means a lot to my mom since she knew Karen personally, and I was really happy to be there. I'll definitely be there next year!!!

More good news...looks like I'll be able to officially dedicate my Ironman to raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! More to come as I hear of it, but my great Aunt Betsy passed away after just 4 months of being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She was like a grandmother to me. It makes me sad she didn't get to come to my wedding or will never get to meet my future children. So I really wanted to dedicate this IM to something bigger than myself, and I thought it would be awesome if I could raise money for the society. It looks like they will help me set up a website to achieve this goal! I am really excited.

So lots of good news today! Indoor Tri is this Sunday...Curly Su, are you in????

Back to school tomorrow....alas....my 2 week vacation from the real world comes to an end.

Happy Tuesday!


Tammy said...

Congrats Queen Sara!!!
What's this "3 minutes on the trainer" stuff? Is that a typo, or did they really base points on 3 minutes?

Congrats on the TNT thang... That's how I got into cycling in '02, then I coached cycling, now that's how I got into running. I just hit my goal! whew!

Cliff said...

Congrats Sara. Instead of sat on my ass and ate cookies. I swim and splurge on chocolate...:)

One of your link (snapped the picture) is entered http:// twice.

Spence said...

HEY QUEENIE!! That's great - way to go!! I'm very impressed...keep up all the hard work! It's money in the bank toward IM...

Curly Su said...

yep, i'm in (sent in email today)--don't know what wave i'm in yet though.

awesome about the competition--you rock!

looking forward to meeting you!