Sunday, January 08, 2006

lesson learned = stick to the game plan

OK, I've officially learned my lesson. I need to focus on what will get me across that line sub 17 on September 10th. According to the plan I'm following, I was supposed to do 1:50 run today below 164 beats or so. I decided to break with the plan and try the Indoor Tri for fun. First and foremost, it was very fun to meet Curly Su! She kicked butt, too--way to go! Other than that, it was not so much fun.

The 2 hour round trip drive clued me in and I actually said out loud in my car on the way there, "WHY did I sign up for this?" But, it was easy to find and a nice facility. I was excited to do the bike first, as I've really been working hard on that and lifting weights so I wanted to go all out. So I road as hard and fast as I could (ONCE AGAIN--that's NOT IN THE PLAN, SELF) and kept my bike at a high gear level (10-11). Most people around me on the same bike were in levels 4-6. I felt great--I pushed to exhaustion (ahem--I SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT ANYWAY IN JANUARY--why don't I LISTEN to my inner monologue????!!!!). I felt that my perceived level of exhertion was about 20-22mph if I was on my road bike, so it made sense when I got 7.2 miles on the nose at the end of 20 minutes. I was pumped. 2 sweet girls next to me gave me a high 5. I was 1-1.5 miles farther than any of the other people that did my heat.

Now, I know it's not an exact science, so I'm trying not to let it bother me. But some of the bikes apparantly weren't calibrated all that well, so to make up for it, the race directors decided to give EVERYONE 7.2 miles covered. I was like, wait, what if you actually GOT 7.2? Do you get rounded up to anything? Uh, no. Everyone now gets equal on the bike. Just my luck. I kicked butt and didn't get much to show for it. So despite finishing 1-1.5 miles faster than everyone else in my heat, we all ended up with the same distance. Sigh. (FYI--My husband is laughing at me by the way and said, "I thought you weren't going to do this thing hard or get wrapped up in times and distances?" I was like, yeah...that was rational me talking. This is irrational me, so deal with her. :)

So anyhoo, my legs were shot after that hard bike so I ran and swam the best I could. Whaddya do. It wasn't very fun though, but I'm not big on working out indoors to begin with. Aside from meeting the infamous Curly Su and deciding to do some runs together, which is way cool, I can't say I really accomplished anything towards my IM goal. And I'm annoyed to boot. Grrr....

Should have done the following things:

1) STUCK TO MY PLAN. Did the long slow run like I was supposed to.

2) If I did this thing, I shouldn't have gone all out. Not balls to the wall on the bike like I did. Now I'm pretty sore. STUPID STUPID ME--and it didn't even "count!!!!!!" I guess I got what I deserved. I shouldn't have done that.

So....I guess I'd better rethink signing up for the Chili Bowl 5K I was going to do with my mom and do my long slow run instead. I need to remember to keep my focus. Fast 5K times aren't going to do diddley squat for me in September any more than my years of 50 yard sprints are going to help me with the 2.4 swim. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS Sara.

Figures also that it's 45 degrees and sunny--a perfect day for a long run....arg....

Okay, I'm going to stop beating myself up now and take a little catnap. TriSaraTops the Idiot, signing off....


Curly Su said...

dude. 2 hours??! yikes. and i was complaining about the 40 minutes i had to do.

sorry about the bike. that really stinks. i was thrilled, so i know how bummed you must have been.

it was definitely cool to meet you. see you again soon, i hope!

Tammy said...

Yeah, that stick to the plan thing is easier said then done once those competitive juices begin to flow. Don't beat yourself up anymore... You know what you did wrong, now move on. :)

Eric said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Sara. A little indiscretion this early in the season won't hurt you too much. September is a long ways out. Some variety and speed work helps you see where you are. Your bike is sounding strong, but IM cycling isn't a hammer-fest either.

Live and learn. I've had to learn to resist the urge to compete all the time. You have a plan and will need to stick to it come March. If you have a problem finding someone to ride or run with let Aimee know.

Cliff said...

Part of the challenging of doing IM is learning not to go all out. Glad u learn it now..than in the actual IM :)
Don't feel too bad if u did bad in an indoor tri. Remember u are doing IM. That's like tri times 100. Going long means training the body to become an incredible fat burning machine. This also means slow and steady.

That's great that you get to see Curly Su.

I love afternoon weekend naps..they are great. Just make sure I don't do them at work :)

Tammy said...

Hey, cute new profile pic!! Couldn't really see you in the last one. :)

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Just the ever-so-slightest correction to your thinking, as the coach in me was getting twitchy as I read your post: Fast 5k times and 50 sprints won't help your overall goal if done now but are actually quite important done later in the season as you get closer to IM.

Anyhow - don't beat yourself up over it too much... sounds like you had fun and got to meet a friend and training partner out of it!

E-Speed said...

But the Chili at the 5k is SOOOO good!