Tuesday, January 10, 2006

somebody call Guinness....

...the book of world records, that is--not the beer. I was the only one in the pool today for half of my workout! Holy cow!! Usually there's about 8 triathletes, 5 swimmers, and 3 or 4 older ladies who like to "pool bob" crammed into the little 5 lane, 20 yard pool at the Y. (Okay, so I'm exaggerating a bit) So I was shocked to have my choice of lanes! The stars must be aligned. TriEric came around 6ish I think and then when I left there were still only 4 of us!

Had a very good swim today--I warmed up, then did some 100 repeats with very little rest between. I was supposed to do them "comfortably hard," but at a pace I could hold for 12 repeats. I ended up doing about 1:41-1:46 for each one, which I was happy with! It's a far cry from my sprinting days, but those days are over anyway! :) I negative split them, too. Maybe getting faster at swimming distance is like getting faster at running distance...you need your endurance base, but you need to do your "tempo runs" and 400-800 repeats, too. Perhaps that's what these 100s will do. Or maybe I'm just dreaming.

I thought I'd see if it was faster for me to shower there, rather than drive the 1 mile home to shower. It was--except when I reached in my bag for my shampoo and stuff, my razor blade cap apparently came off. I sliced the hell outta my knuckle. I looked like an axe murderer coming out of the shower--you ladies (and serious tri guys) know how it is when you cut your leg shaving? Such a small little knick with sooooooo much blood? Yeah, it was like that. Oh well!

Um, I still need to grade those papers. Doh! One class down, 2 to go. My freshman will freak out if they have to wait more than a day for their grade. Time to kick it into high gear!

Some lifting this afternoon (after I stay late at school to help some freshman get ready for their first midterm exam ever next week--talk about freaking out!) and then a nice relaxing night tonight!


Eric said...

Sara, I dropped into the pool around 6:20, Dave the lifeguard said you needed some company.

Ladies who "pool bob", I like that. You are right on the money with the tempo swims and having a good swim base. That pace is awesome. I was holding a comfortable 1:45 for my 16 x 100 repeats.

Take care of that cut, I do know what you mean ; )

TryAthlete said...
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TryAthlete said...

I've found the fastest way to grade papers is to treat them like repeats. A few papers every 5 minutes.

Susan said...

I hope your knuckes heal soon, looking like an axe murderer can be dangerous. : )

Have fun lifting later.

D said...

....not that I am a swimmer, but WOW - that almost never happens that you have the pool to one's self! Nice! I have a friend here that is training for IM WI as well, by the way!

Curly Su said...

awesome new stuff on your blog. good job!

you're supposed to be grading papers...i've gotta get my flute going.