Wednesday, January 18, 2006

holy temperature change, batman

Okay, so I went to bed and it was 51 degrees.

I woke up to 3 inches of snow and 28.


Currently I am watching my US History kids take their midterm, which is about as exciting as this. (props to jennifer p. for that great site)

I am pretty sore from weights yesterday...although I must admit in a strange way I enjoy being sore from lifting. It makes me feel like I did a slightly sadistic way. Tonight it's a nice easy 90 minutes on the trainer. I have a few movie options:

Sex and the City Season 6 Special Features (an hour I think)
Cinderella Man
Kingdom of Heaven

I guess it depends upon what mood I'll be in! March of the Penguins made me almost CRY on Saturday....some parts were so sad!!!!

Got some great feedback from you all on the HIM vs. Century this summer. I'm actually thinking about possibly doing both...I know it sounds nuts but I think it could really be a good thing. The Sweet Corn Challenge has 50 mile routes, perhaps I could do that at the very least. But I dunno...the Century could be a good thing, too. It is actually quite hilly in Richfield, Ohio...I'll see how things progress this spring and summer and make the decision from there. I definitely need to DO the SCC, as it's sooooo fun. Fully SAG supported, tons of food, and at the end all the sweet corn you want with a bluegrass band. We get really excited about our sweet corn around here. Or maybe that's just me. (I'm such an Ohio geek) It's not like I would "race" the SCC, as it's really just a day long tour with a picnic and party at the end.

I may be TEMPTED to "race" the HIM, *cough cough* as I have been known to have a hard time reigning in the speed when in a race situation. But--if I had done 50-100 miles the week before, that would probably take care of THAT physically, at least! Plus, Wil and maybe even Curly Su will be there...and I know for sure that Wil is not planning on racing it, so I could probably hang with her. That would definitely keep me in line. That would then be 5 weeks before IM I could start tapering shortly thereafter.

This could work....

Could this work?

I guess I have lots of time to figure it all out! I would need to register for Steelhead soon, but the Sweet Corn Challenge is pretty much an open event.

Matt and I went to the swim meet for my high school (where I teach) vs. his on Friday! It was fun! Good to see the kids in action. Talk about some serious sharks! I was a bit intimidated. These kids could whoop my ass. I really need to work on swimming with less drag...mostly getting my butt outta the water. My hips tend to sink and I think that's holding me back a bit. Hopefully I'll get some time to work on that tomorrow at the pool.

Last but not least, congrats to Eric on his award from HFP Racing! He did the "Wheelie Fun" tri/du series and was runner up for his age group! That's some SERIOUS competition, folks! He will definitely kick butt at IM USA!

Allright, gotta get to grading...


Eric said...

The snow wasn't so bad despite it's icy crustyness. The cold blowing wind is what hit me this morning.

If I get to the Y in time I can look at your swim position if you want, not that I'm an expert.

Thanks for the mention on my award. Feels good.

Cliff said...

As long as the HIM is a S race (Social race), then it is good to go.

I want to run with Will ( in a 30k run. I ask him what pace he is doing. I want to make sure he ain't gonna kill me. Instead of running 30 km, I am going to run the last 15 with him. That would be my training run.

I would watch Cinderella Man or Kingdom of Heaven. Not much of Sarah Jessica Parker fan.

walchka said...

I think it's a given that every endurance athlete is a little bit sadistic. We could try and deny it, but I don't think we would get very far. :)

Chris said...

I'm with you on the lactic acid build up. So long as it isn't too painful or sore, I like it in that sadistic sort of way.

I think doing the century and the 1/2 is a great idea! But I'd really think hard about racing that half. No point in having extended recovery from that 1/2 when your "A" race is that close to it. Just my opinion, anyway.

TriSaraTops said...

I totally agree, Chris!! I should MIND might want to race the HIM once I'm at the starting line all pumped up, but my BODY better not--IM MOO is the A race so I won't take my eyes off the prize there! :)