Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Race Report

...but not for me!

For Coach Emily!  Because you know what?  She finished 4th at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon today.


Do you guys have any idea what that race or field is like?!?!?!?!?!  Just check out the website, and then check out the results, and, oh, you know, tell me what you think.  I'll wait.

(still waiting)

FOURTH, PEOPLE!  Just a little behind a little someone named Leanda Cave and right before someone else named Becky Lavelle.  You may have heard of them...


I am so happy for her!  Aside from being a super awesome person, she is just one hard worker who is living her dream and getting the job done.  Plus, she puts up with me.  And I think she still is even willing to talk to me!  One of these days I keep getting afraid she's going to realize how NOT cool I am and that I'm not even on the same triathlon PLANET as her.

Congrats, Coach Emily--couldn't be happening to a better person!


Carolina John said...

Wow, that's nuts! Normal people don't finish that close to the podium at Alcatraz. Insane.

Emily Cocks said...

Hi...1 normal person checking in, however, my husband may disagree :) Anyway, I just wanted to add a thought...I think all the ladies standing on that stage (and men too although they may say it less eloquently) would want you to use our performances as reasons why you can achieve your dreams and NOT as a way to see how you are different from us. My little swimmers always ask what they can do to swim faster, make nationals, etc, etc and I always say you have to put in the work day in and day out through good and bad and never, ever lose sight of what your goals are. My friend Charisa completed her first half in 6:01 at Wildflower and this year she went 4:38 and got 5th. I am sure if you asked her she would not tell you that after that 6:01 she thought she had amazing talent hiding somewhere. But, she put in the work for YEARS (like 10) and look what she did!!!

I am not saying these things to make her (or me) sound impressive like "look what we did" but to say that WE all can achieve so much.

Basically, we are all normal people standing on that stage we just live our lives abnormally (ie, training MANY MANY hours a week).

Emily Cocks said...
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Trisaratops said...

Well said, Emily! One of the many reasons I love the sport = those on the podium are (for the most part) extremely humble and inspiring people who never forget where they came from and are supportive of ALL triathletes. And I'm serious that I'm totally throwing my hat in the lottery for Alcatraz. I supposed I should start training on hills, like, now, just in case. :)