Saturday, January 24, 2009

Race I have such a thing?


So today I had a FANTABULOUS run.

Well--back up.

Today, I had such a fun morning with the boys...I woke up and Matt got us yummy bagels. Then, we took Bug to a local library for a singing and story show with our buddies and his friends, Norah and Elliot. Then we all went back to our friend's place and they played while we caught up and ate a tasty lunch. Then Bug fell asleep on the way home.

THEN, I went for a run.

And it was fabulous. I was supposed to do 20 minutes at "base," then 20 minutes of Zone 2 including a few pickups to 5K pace. I opted not to do that, as the roads were hella icy and I was afraid I'd lose my footing since we all know my 5K pace really requires serious wheezing/heaving/possible wiping out on a perfect day, let alone an icy one. Then I was supposed to hold 20 minutes at "Zone 3" which I took to be tempo, and the rest cool down.

So the interesting thing is that my "base" time averaged 8:56/mile. Which is funny, as it felt great and easy, and that SO was not my base time pre-Bug. My tempo was about 8:20, which given that part of it was on a seriously snowy sidestreet, I was happy. And even with an easy cooldown, my overall pace for the 8.5 miles was 8:51.

Funny, also, that this run took me a total of 1:15 and it took me 2:13 to go only 8 miles last weekend! My how times and terrains have changed.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, what I was thinking is that I have lost a few more pounds. Don't get too excited or anything, but I'm at just about 144/145 now, which is definitely lower than when I got tested in Chicago at VQ last year (I weighed in at 153 there). I'm wondering if those few extra pounds are playing a role in why it feels easier to go at a faster pace at base.

Also, I just bought the greatest pair of pants ever. Reason #1: They were $7.47 marked down from $59.00. Yes, I am the BARGAIN QUEEN, beeyotches. Reason #2: They are a size FOUR.


I have never in my life been a size 4. Not even at birth. I went from a 14/16 girls to a size 10 in middle school. Holy vanity sizing, Batman.

But it's weird, as I still feel like my basic frame is the same...I think it just rearranged or something. But it also made me think more about this whole idea of those couple of extra pounds playing a role in my pace.

So that's the scoop on that.

Oh, and why can't my suit give me a little warning that it's going to disintegrate? Seriously. I mean, I put the thing on last week and it's fine. I put it on this week and I am borderline indecent. Thank goodness I could hit to take a stab at the grab bag again. I went with the TYR reversible again (which is what I currently have), as I figure that at least ONE side is presentable. So far, I've never been let down by the grab bag! It's the only time I ever gamble.

I am definitely super tired now, and have been sleeping like a rock this week as the workouts are really ramping up. I can't believe I'm approaching 8 weeks to New Orleans...where has the time gone?!

Tomorrow morning it's time trial time in the pool...wish me luck!


The Salty One said...

A few pounds can make a big difference with your running! I think I am slower right now more from being 20 lbs heavy for me than from being out of shape :( Good news is it's only January!

Are you running the Mardi Gras marathon? I ran the half a couple of years ago (my sister lived there). It was a lot of fun except I had the flu, but that's another story! If nothing else it will be great to be in some warmer weather!!!

Sounds like training is going great!

Trihardist said...

Oh yeah, the grab bag is a great thing.

I'm very interested in this idea of race weight . . . I never paid much attention to it before; I didn't like the idea of counting calories and dieting (like a frickin' bodybuilder!) to reach some mystical weight that would be my ideal weight for racing. And I've always maintained that the main thing that sets triathletes apart from bodybuilders is stuff like cheeseburgers and pizza.

But it would be awfully nice to be hauling about 10 lbs. less on my long runs . . . I think you're on to something, here.

Mnowac said...

Boooyyy hearing you talk about your weight and faster pace, gives me high hopes after this little monkey is out in the world! You rock woman, you work so hard.

Pharmie said...

Unfortunately, it seems that no matter my body composition, my dang weight is the same, save 1-2 pounds :( I agree with being lighter making at least a litte bit of difference. You are so going to rock NOLA

Carolina John said...

I got cha. Kelley, on friday, bought a pair of calvin klein jeans, also size 4, for $1 new with the tags still on them at a thrift store. yep. miracle hill thrift store has a $1 clearance rack with calvin's. be jealous.

Kim said...

dannnnng lady, awesome runs!!! and my coach would love you right now - down to your best weight and running fast! congratulations!