Friday, January 16, 2009

Decisons, Decisions

I'm sitting here looking out the window at a gorgeous, sunny, blue-skied minus 12 degree day. And I'm not exaggerating. Nor being sarcastic. I really think it's beautiful outside. I wish I could go for a little walk. I swear I'm naturally warm-blooded or something.

Of course, I didn't have to go to work today. So maybe that's why I'm so happy.

Anyhoo, I took 2 days off work and now have another day off. So, inadvertantly, between sick days, snow days, and MLK's birthday, I'm having a week off. I feel much better now, but still not quite 100%. Losing almost 6 pounds in 24 hours will do that to you. I am slowly starting to gain my strength back, but haven't done anything since running 5.5 miles Monday and doing a short strength workout Tuesday.

And hurling my brains out Wednesday.

(Sorry, had to throw that in. At least I'm not Steve. If I was, you'd SEE the evidence. I'd make sure of that.)

Anyways, my little Bug just went down for a nap, and I'm getting ready to grade some stuff. But I'm really thinking hard about the BT Half Marathon Sunday. I'm trying to decide what is possible without crossing the line into stupid.


1. All the cool kids will be there. Seriously...all my buddies that I heart who run. Like TriEric, his wife and my running partner Aimee, my buddy JT, Daisy Duc, Platinum Jen, Electric Mike, Ultra Courtney, and I'm sure I'm missing others. So it would be fun to see them all. However, this reminds me of when I was in high school and my Dad used to say, "If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you do it too," to which my response was twofold:

A. How high up is said bridge?


B. How deep is the water?

(Kidding, Dad! You know I never followed the kids jumping off bridges. ;)

2. It will be good base training for IM New Orleans 70.3, which is the entire reason I signed up back in November.

3. I love running outside in the cold.

4. It is a beautiful course.

5. The atmosphere will be great--trail running is a lot more laid-back than road running, and it will be a fun time with friends. Just completing would be the goal, so it's low-pressure.

6. I've already paid for it.

7. I was shut out of it initially, gave up hope, and got in at the last minute. Many people did not get in and would LOVE to run it. It's a privilege.

The Cons:

1. It's going to be cold. Even for me. And I have little to no experience on this trail.

2. This will probably be the hardest course I've ever attempted. And I have little to no experience on this trail. (worth mentioning twice)

3. I lost SIX POUNDS IN TWENTY FOUR HOURS. I am slowly rehydrating and now I'm down just a pound or two, but I still feel a little tired going up the stairs too much. My fever was just over 100 on Wednesday. It broke Thursday, but today is the first day I'm really feeling like somewhat of myself. Will that ucky-ness be gone in another 36 hours? It's hard to tell.

4. That being said, I'd need to definitely walk all the uphills. ALL. And there are a LOT.

5. I will be out there for a LONG TIME. It took Aimee and JT 2 and a half hours to go EIGHT MILES last weekend. So the chance of 3+ hours is likely.

6. There is a chance I might DNF. I'm being honest and realistic. This course would be tough if I was in perfect health, and I'm not. I need to be ready for that, and to listen to my body. If, after the first 8 mile loop, the body says no, I need to STOP. And I'll probably need encouragement to stop. Because I'm not known for stopping. Except the last time I tried a trail 10K and was hurling because I was 6 weeks pregnant. The thought of Bug made me stop then, so I will need a log to the head or a push in the Erie Canal to make me stop this time.

7. I don't like to stop.

And I think that's it. An even number of pros and cons.

Sigh. That doesn't help.

I feel this will most likely be a game time decision, and by game time, I mean tomorrow evening. That being said, what say you, Oh Wise Internets? Do I do it? Or is this asking too much of myself? Do I do it with stipulations? Should I sack up? Or have another drink from the tequila bottle?

Keep in mind I welcome all advice, but may totally disregard everything you advise me of, either for or against running on Sunday. I'm just keepin' it real. ;)

Have at it. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Mnowac said...

This is the race that has the HM, Marathon and Ultra right? I did it last year, good race and good gear in the entry bag! Hmmm part of me says don't do it b/c you have been so sick. But that being said, it's a 2 loop course, so if you do the first 8 mile loop and feel bad, you could stop then....Definately walk up the hills, they are killer and a lot of people walk up them anyway.

allanjel said...

The race is very laid back. Some people stop to chat, eat and get warm for 5 mins or more at an aid station. It is very friendly race. You will have FUN.

PS - Are you making a habit of this "hurling" thing for a trail race? I seem to remember you doing this about 2 years ago too..heehee...JK!!!

Good Luck S.

Eric said...

Here's the deal we have to make. If after one loop we feel like crap we stop. I don't know if my knee will hold up for the full 13 so I may stop after 8 as well.

I'll wait for you at the store so we can make an intelligent decision.

DaisyDuc said...

It is worth giving it a go just to get the entry bag and see everyone. It is relaxed and an event to do just for the fun of it. Just go for it, listen to your body and do whatever feel right for you out there Sunday.

JenC said...

Well, the good news is that if you make it through the 8 mile loop, the 5.1 mile loop is much, much easier. I vote for you going for it - you are trained well enough to get past the recent events. Just my $.02.

Bullet said...

I think you need to show up for the race and be the best athletic supporter the organizers have ever seen. You'll still get to hang with your buddies and enjoy the festivities all without the 2-3 days of feeling like crap because you over exerted yourself when you were sick. Your friends will love the support and your body will love the rest.
By the way, my word verification word was "barfying". Appropriate

Steve Stenzel said...

6 pounds in 24 hours is CRAZY!! I hope you're better!!

And good luck making up your mind on the race!...