Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What you don't know is that I was the last Ziemnik standing.

Everyone in my family has been sick with a nasty, nasty stomach virus. One you don't wish on your worst enemy.

So I've been washing my hands until they literally bleed, lysoling everything I could, and trying SO HARD to stay healthy, because I am really excited for the trail race this Sunday.

I went to bed, after setting up my bike in the basement so I'd be ready to hit it at 5:30am.

And then, I woke up at 1am. And I knew.

I was no longer the last Ziemnik standing.

I've managed to keep down half a can of ginger ale and 2 saltines. Knock on wood--I hope it stays that way. But now I'm already thinking...if I can't make it down the stairs without being dizzy, how on earth am I going to run a very challenging trail half marathon in 4 days when it's 21 degrees out? Ugh.

Matt told me not to think about it--that tomorrow I might feel 100% better.

I dunno. I just want to stop feeling like I want to curl up in a ball under a rock.

So now I'm sitting downstairs, watching 24, and staring at my bike that never got used this morning.



R. Jeffrey Davis said...

I hope you miraculously recover!

tryathlete said...

Get well soon Dinomite.

Carolina John said...

i also came down with a thing two days before a half marathon. Here's what worked: listerine 4 times a day to kill the germs in your mouth, a 20oz bottle of blueberry pomegranate juice per day, and hand sanitizer after you touch anything.

Good luck, i really hope you feel better by race time.

Mike said...

Get well soon! :)

Wil said...

OK look. I want you to go read your post just before this one. Now read this one again. Be sure to check the dates for that whole one coming after the other thing.

Done, yeah? OK now what am I going to say here besides HEY HEATHER GOLLNICK, IT'S ONLY JANUARY!?

As your fantastically hypocritical friend, nay, sister at arms, will you please chill the eff out before you get pneumonia or something, which is yes, guaranteed to sack you for the spring? Sleep. Grade your papers. Eat. Sleep some more, and for crap sake back away from the bike... I repeat... BACK AWAY FROM THE BIKE!

TJ said...

Being sick sucks -- I'm battling a nasty cold now. Hope you feel better soon.

DaisyDuc said...

Sending get-well-fast vibes to you because you gotta get well because Sunday is going to be a BLAST!