Thursday, January 01, 2009


This past year, I...

  • was amazed at how fast time went, despite how slowly it felt during 2am feedings. Tonight, when I rocked Bug to bed, he could barely fit on my lap.
  • never realized how much a baby's laugh could fill me with joy.
  • lost the 55 pounds I gained, and another 5. And a dress size.
  • lost 20 minutes off my best marathon, and somewhere around 40 minutes or so off a 70.3.
  • laughed at the irony of this, since I spent the better part of last year worrying I'd be huge and slow forever.
  • found a few more gray hairs.
  • enjoyed 4 months of maternity leave, and then went back to work.
  • dealt with some anxiety related to the return, but know I made the right decision.
  • watched Matt become an amazing father.
  • took Bug to the pool, the Zoo, Lake Wawasee, Lake Erie, Mitchell's Ice Cream (a lot), the circus, a few Indians games, the Nature Center, on bike rides, and on my training runs for the marathon.
  • became completely immune to puke, poop, snot, and drool.
  • realized that Boston isn't just a self-depricating joke for me anymore. It's a possibility.
  • felt a little (selfishly) better knowing that the rest of the nation was in a bit of a recession, too.
  • got to join a wonderful group of people and share triathlon with some awesome girls
  • appreciated my job even more for the opportunities it gives me to be with my family.
  • experienced having 2 sets of grandparents within miles, and saw how wonderful that was.
  • wished someone would have told me about the freaky post-nursing hair loss that apparently is quite common but TOTALLY FREAKED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Note to self: now you know.
  • realized that life is just a little sweeter with his snuggles and smiles.
  • never want to forget what it was like to rock him to sleep every night, and feel his little heart that I helped make beat against my chest as he sighed himself to sleep.
  • felt like the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.


Wes said...

Happy New Years, Sara!!

TrainingtoTri said...

Ahhh what a nice list! I didn't know about the hair loss, thanks! Happy new year.

Carolina John said...

happy new year's sara! sounds like you had a great 2008. Nobody told my wife about the hair loss thing either. it totally freaker her out too. and congrats on losing the post-baby weight. 60 lbs is wonderful.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

That is a great list. It always does me good to see thankful people. Good luck with the New Year.

LoneStarCrank said...

Blessed indeed. Cheers to a great 08! Enjoy every moment.

Rural Girl said...

You've had a good year! Looking forward to '09.

coachh said...

Cool read Mrs. Sarah...Enjoy the little one :) I need to get mine going....

Wil said...

And the best has just begun! It's going to be a great 2009 sis :)

Borsch said...

What a great year!

Happy new year!

Steve Stenzel said...

You? Grey? No!

Have a great 09!! NO is gonna be SWEET!!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful year. Great post!