Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm starting to feel like me again!

Man. Whatever the heck this bug was that I caught was ROTTEN. I guess it could have been worse--I wasn't throwing up--but it reminded me of when I got Mono freshman year of college, and my throat was so swollen that I was snoring so loudly that poor DaisyDuc had to carry her mattress into another room to sleep in one night.

(Seriously. Poor Daisy couldn't sleep a wink and didn't want to wake me up. I woke up and looked down to see my bunk mate gone--mattress and all!)

My throat is much better and I'm feeling a lot more like me, but I won't be doing any training today. Or, tomorrow. That will be almost a whole week off. Which led me to my previous post's ruminations.

From what I have been discussing with those who know this stuff, it seems that (big surprise here) I'm freaking out a bit for not much reason. I need to remember the consistent work I've done since January. The speedwork, tempo runs, and various long runs in the 10-12 mile range as well as a 13 and 14 mile run already. And this weekend, provided I continue to feel better, I'll do 12-14 again. So that will mean I will have ALREADY RAN THREE HALF MARATHONS. I have covered this distance three times. Each time having a successful negative split.

My mileage has been lower than I'd like, but I've also been swimming and cycling a teensy bit, so that should help a bit. I've seen lots of my triathlon friends greatly improve their race times from adding cycling to their routine, so I'm not going to worry about it for now.

I also have a history of my head being my biggest enemy on race day. I know I am capable of doing well on the 18th, and I think I need to make mental training just as high of a priority as I will my next two weeks of runs.

So here's the plan:

A Goal: run a 1:50 half. Follow pacers for first 11 miles, then dig deep for the last 2 on my own when they turn off on the marathon course. Then grill out and drink beer with TriShannon.

B Goal: Stick with pacers for first few miles, and run the rest on my own. Go 1:54 or less. Then grill out and drink beer with TriShannon.

C Goal: Stick with pacers for first few miles, run the rest on my own and decided just to finish, high-fiving as many people as I can along the way. Finish. Then grill out and drink beer with TriShannon.

If I don't give it a shot, I'll kick myself. I've put in a great deal of time and consistent training for a while now, as well as sort of already running "three half marathons" in training. I need to go for this. I can go for this.

First task: get 100% better.

Next task: kick butt.


Jodi said...

With your training a 1:50 half will be no problem at all. Your body will not give you any problems, just make sure your head is in it. You have an "A" goal. Period. The other "goals" are just there to give you a mental cop out. Screw em. You can do this.


TriSaraTops said...

Thanks, JT--appreciate it! :) But I'm trying this new thing where I don't put too much pressure on myself and give myself a little wiggle room in life this year. Even my B goal is a PR, so I'm still aiming high--I promise. ;) I'm just focusing on having some fun AND pushing myself--and for once, not one or the other.

Wes said...

I luv it when Jodi is all HTFU :-) She rocks! I like to go the other way. I ALWAYS do my best. I don't seem to know what A B and C means when it comes to racing!!! ROFL! Sometimes, a little unexpected rest for the muscles will give you that added umph to kick ass. Go get'em girl!!!

stronger said...

If this is the sickness that's made its way across the country- err on the side of caution and take one extra day off. Seriously.

triguyjt said...

rock that A goal, Sara.

I understand the wiggle room thing, but you have more training base-intensity-etc than you think in you. Maybe the feeling subpar is causing you to think of other goals besides A. (sorry for the dr. phil impression there)
good luck...go easy on my may 18

Bullet said...

Absolutely, you're going to blow this out of the water. Race day is so much easier than any training day. Blow it out!

DaisyDuc said...

Too funny on the old throw-back!!!

Hope you continue to improve. Trust in yourself and your training. You will be fine and have a great time in the process. Can't wait to see you and Shannon May 18th (maybe we can roundevue the 17th around expo??)!!!

Kurt said...

Damn I want to drink beer with TriShannon also!

Hope your well and be patient with yourself. It will take time and you have a lot more obligations now. Finding balance became really more difficult now that Jay Z is around.

Steve Stenzel said...

Get fully better so you can run that race and DRINK A LOT OF BEER!!