Saturday, April 12, 2008


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.


Like, really!

Not just a training report, or a report of JayZ, or some other random stuff.


(so I'm a little excited)

Okay, so I decided to do this 5K, even though I'm usually SOOOO not a 5K fan. The school district with the most people there gets $5,000 to better their physical fitness program, and that rocks. So, I figured, I might as well. Even if I walked it, it would be good for our school, you know?

Now, I had NOOOOO idea what to expect in this race. Let's list the reasons why:

1. I haven't RACED at all since 2006.

2. I haven't RACED a 5K since November of 2006.

3. I haven't done track work or speedwork (minus a few tempo runs) since (and I'm not kidding here) JUNE of 2006.

4. I OBLITERATED my core during the year 2007. Seriously. The 55 pounds I gained are gone, but I am, uh...still a little soft and mushy all around. (Yeah, I know. Nice visual, huh?)

So, of course, in Competitive Sara's head, a PR would be nice (which is anything under a 7:39/mile) but realistically I was hoping to hold more of a tempo pace, which would be a 7:50/mile. That would still push me hard and I would call that a victory.

But really, who the heck knows what this body was going to do? I had no clue.

And I was so giddy at the start line! I felt like a kid on Christmas. My good buddy Allenjel was there and I'm so excited to see her kicking so much butt and getting super fast! I thought if I could keep her in my sight the first mile or two I'd be in good shape.

Let's set the scene: 42 degrees, light winds, and what my buddy Canada Jenn likes to describe as "piss raining." What a wonderful day to race!

The only black shorts that were clean were the shorts I wore for my first marathon when I was about 30 pounds heavier, so I think I looked a bit ridiculous. Oh well! At least they were comfortable, right?

So the gun went off and I took off. HOLY SMOKES. My body was giving me a big WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON and my mind was like, SHUT UP, DUDE, JUST GO!

I checked Garmin around the first half mile, and was running at a 6:28 pace.


Miss Six is back! But I really have no business seeing her today. I knew I was in for it later!

(I swear, a year and a half off racing and I make the same freakin' pacing mistakes. Some things never change!)

So I tried to slow way down....tempo run, self...tempo run...Their Mile 1 marker was a little short so I tried to go more by my Garmin. I hit the first mile in somewhere about 7:20, so that was good.

Mile 2 I felt a little slower. I tried to just remember that I can do this, and there's no reason for me NOT to be able to hold a tempo pace today. When I finished mile 2, my average had gone to around 7:38. (And that's when a teensy voice in my head said, "Hmmmmmm....PR, perhaps?") But I knew differently! That last mile always seems to kill me.

I got in a footrace at the end with a girl who was, like, 11. I sort of felt a little bad trying to beat her and let her have the last step or two. (She's 11! She deserves it more than me. Seriously.) I patted her on the back and told her "Nice kick!" Man, when I was 11, I thought running around the BLOCK was far. I love seeing kids race!

So here's the exciting part.

I didn't PR, which, of course, I really shouldn't be surprised about.

But my average pace (according to my Garmin) was 7:49!

For 3.1 miles.

With no speedwork.

And no racing in a year and a half.

And a mushy midsection.

Which, my friends, means I was only 10 seconds or so per mile off my PR that I set back in 2003!


So, that's what I call a victory. :)

Hopefully my school district will win 5 G's. That would rock! I also got to see Bloggister and Rootsrunner at the end, and Allenjel kicked major butt and placed in our age group! So all around, a wonderful day for a race.

Now, bring on the long course stuff! But maybe another 5K, Competitive Sara is just getting curious about what she can really do. :)



They posted the race results...turns out they had me at a 24:02, which is a 7:45/mile pace. I'll take it! I forgot to hit my Garmin at the end (typical) so I like theirs better. :) They also had the most interesting slaughtering of my last name I think I've ever seen....almost as good as the "Sara Avacado" swim ribbon I have from 4th grade. I love it! What I don't love, however, is the fact that I missed 3rd in my age group by FIVE SECONDS! Boooooo! Poop sandwich. Oh well--that's what I get for not catching her! :)

Here's me and allenjel chillin' with some random eagle dude.....huh?

We almost jumped in the big inflated jumpy thing they had for the kids, but it was cold and we were tired so we opted against it. Maybe next time!


Wes said...

Welcome back to racing T! :-) Evidently the mushiness didn't slow you down too much!! LOL!

E-Speed said...

YAY! Great job girl! Glad you are getting back in shape so quickly and with such grace!

Jennifer P said...

Nice work! My theory is that even though our mommy bodies are a little squishy, our minds and determination are razor sharp. For me, I'm determined to show people that mommies can be fast and competitive. I've got the competitive part down -- just working on the fast.
You kick ass. Seriously.

Michele said...

Way to rock out a 5k.

You are back girl!!!

triguyjt said...

way to throw down sara..

so,lets review. you hadn't done a 5 k in quite a while and you post a 7:48 pace or 22 secs per mile better than what i have been training for...

just wanted to get that straight. way to zip everyone.....including 11 year olds.

don't sound mushy to me

IronMatron said...

Awesome race! Next race you will PR!

JenC said...

Fabulous job buddy!

Great seeing you last night and look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!

Siren said...

Dude, that so rocks!

I can't even wrap my brain around that kind of pacing - right now my 'speedwork' is a 13:00 pace on intervals. :P

Wil said...

YEAH SIS! Way to rock the 5K!

jessie said...

Sweet - Welcome back to racing! Motherhood only makes us stronger :)

Lloyd said...

Blood doping. ;)

Congrats, Sara. Nice running and great seeing you out there. What did you think of the hail at the start?

Rural Girl said...

Very speedy! Definitely no problem getting back in the game. Great job!

Kurt said...

I am not surprised that you did so well. Racing is more mental than physical. You wanted to race.

By the way I never saw you before preggo state but you looked very fit at lunch a few weeks ago.

Triteacher said...

Sounds like you're back!!! Yay!

Taconite Boy said...


Tac would be VERY happy with that!

well done!

Steve Stenzel said...

NICE PACE! (despite the "mushy midsection")

And don't tempt me with race outfit ideas. You never know what I'll take seriously...

DaisyDuc said...

Awesome job out there getting back out there and already kickin butt!

Fe-lady said...

Great job....your squishy mid-section has nothing to do with your lung/leg power!

Alili said...

Wowza! Great job Sara!

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you did fantastic lady!!!!!

TriCajun said...

Awesome job, lil momma!

greyhound said...

but if you'd dropped the hammer on that 11 year old you would have podiumed!!

Where's your killer instinct??!!

Robyn said...

Congrats! Happy getting-back-out-there!

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job on the 5k,, woohoo, fast time, you can only get faster from here..

Like the hat in the pic as well..

Andy said...

Hooray! It is nice when you come back unsure about your abilities, and just to know that they have been there hiding, waiting to jump back out is exciting. Keep it up!


Cara said...

WOO HOO!!! Way to go! That sub-23 is just around the corner! :)

Borsch said...

Great Race!

SimplyStu said...

Nice work. Perfect position for PRs all year!

Shawn said...

good job on the race. For me thats a wicked fast time! WTG!