Friday, April 18, 2008

Dinner in the sunshine

Today, I had a somewhat crazy day at work. I came home and enjoyed a nice dinner in the sun with my three boys. Then, the boys who have just two legs and I went to school to hear two guest speakers share their experiences.

They were Sudanese "Lost Boys."

JayZ sat quietly on my lap, staring and occasionally sighing. He gripped my fingers. I sat and listened to the stories of these two guys--just a few years younger than me--and tears welled up in my eyes. I squeezed JayZ's hand. A lot.

You know what? Even when you've had a rough day and you think life stinks, it doesn't. It's wonderful.


tracie said...

*sigh* i really think jay-z is the perfect baby.

wasn't the sunshine absolutely fab yesterday!?

TJ said...

I just watched a show last night about a Marine who photographed the horrible things going on in Sudan.
Life here IS wonderful!

triguyjt said...

we have soooooo much to be grateful for...

couldn't even fathom how rough it must have been for the "lost boys"