Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Learned Tonight

On this, the second ride I've done since September, 2006, here is what didn't change:

1. Cars in the park where I cycle are STILL A BUNCH OF BUTT MUNCHES. I forgot what it's like to hear, "GET ON THE BIKE PATH," "F-YOU," and the sound of rapid car horns while riding. And this is in a PARK where there are signs every mile or so saying, "Share the Road." Oh well. They are probably miserable people, anyway.

2. I PROBABLY should not try to hang with a group that is going about 20 miles an hour.

3. By hanging with said group for the first 5 miles, then realizing just how fast they were going, it made for a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg and rather lonely 20 more miles. Story of group rides for me. Group rides usually turn into solo rides where I beat myself up about how slow I am.

4. I have a lot of work to do.

Things that HAVE changed since 2006:

1. If this was '06, I probably would have cried on the car ride home in frustration, since that was pretty much my standard operating procedure. But I came home, kissed my boys, and laughed about how I just got my butt whooped. I laughed. Huh?

2. Yeah, this whole "not getting my proverbial panties up in a bunch" over a ride in April where I was embarrassingly slow is new. I think I like it. Because I just kinda know I'm fine, and I have time to do the work that needs to be done to get where I need to be.

3. I think it's because since 2006, I've survived Ironman and childbirth, and not a whole lot fazes me. I don't mean that in a cocky way, but more just at peace with myself I think. I know I'll probably never break any land-speed records, but I'm amazed at what my body has done in the past year and a half, and I have a new respect for it.

So I guess some things never change. And some things have been changed forever.


Cliff said...


Oh yeah, bad drivers on the road. That will never change :).

Wil said...

It's going to be an awesome year sis, and you sound like you're in the perfect place already :)

TJ said...

Sounds like you've got the right outlook.
Every time I get dropped on a group ride, it just motivates me a bit more.

greyhound said...

Claim the lane, baby--literally and metaphorically.

JenC said...

I actually got cussed out loudly by a driver on Saturday. Didn't ruin my day, but I hope it ruined his.

That group you rode with is impossible to keep up with and I LOVE to ride my bike. I thought I was going to die the one time I went with them. I suffered through the first half by hanging on to a wheel and then limped home by myself. Next time, go with me. We'll have fun! Let me know when you'll be riding and I'll bring my bike and meet you after work.

Mallie said...

I've been neglecting my road bike since I know I'll get dropped. It doesn't get my panties in a wad either (good for you for taking it in stride), but I must say I prefer being a mid-front of the packer on the MTB. But I can't put it off any longer as RFL is just around the corner.

Kurt said...

Butt munchies? LMAO that is to funny.

Your going to kick sub 12 hour on your next IM. Just think of the miserable people and how much you have for yourself going!

As a side note riding here in NY is a life challenging event. Drivers here are so aggressive.

TriSaraTops said...

Ah, LOL Kurt...a sub-12 for me would be an extra 2 miles of swimming in exchange for 50 miles off the bike course, plus it would have to be downhill. And a tailwind. The whole way.


triguyjt said...

"still a bunch of butt munches"!!

thats hilarious. could you shout it at them..."You bunch of butt munches!!! I would pay to hear that...

said bike group would really intimidate me...

Taconite Boy said...

your group rides sound like our group rides.

out to fast

solo for the rest


SimplyStu said...

I hate group rides. Never liked them. The bike is my time. My time to think, learn, laugh. I always admire people that do these ultra fast group rides. I learned my lesson last year at WIBA. Ride at your own pace, especially if it is 90 outside. :)

IronMatron said...

Your body has made and done amazing things in the last two years, it's true!
As far as mean people in cars go, just follow this advice: don't flip them off. I made this mistake. Mean drivers are really, really mean when you flip them off. :)

monica said...

sara!!! don't knnow if i've congratulated you yet on team evo tri. i've been soooo behind on keeping up with my fav blog peeps!! i have a training/ironman question for you, but i can't find your email addy anywhere!!! if you have a second, can you contact me?? i would soooooo appreciate it as i don't know who else can help me with this one. 32 days to go time!!!!

Bolder said...

i think you are in a good place.


is good.

TrainingtoTri said...

Hey Sara - if you ever want to meet up for a ride let me know, I'm more like 16-17 miles an hour and up to about 30-40 miles max. I hope to be more like a 20 mpher by the end of the summer!