Sunday, May 20, 2007

For 2000 yards...

I didn't have to think about how slow I felt.

I didn't feel slow anymore.

I felt strong as I glided along, pulling and reaching.

I surprised myself with what I could do.

I didn't even think about how an 11 minute mile feels like an 8 minute mile.

I didn't think about how I couldn't get stronger riding up the hills this season.

I didn't think about how 2000 yards is only half what I did in Ironman training on a normal day.

I felt like a normal day.

I heard the sound of my breathing and bubbles and glided past the two people in the next lane.

I didn't think how much I miss racing.

I felt powerful again.

I didn't think about my inabilities.

I remembered the little baby that I saw on the screen swishing around in there and how much fun it must be having now as I'm swishing around myself.

I felt like an Ironman.


Wes said...

Momma and baby swishing around together! You guys are bonding from the get go :-) Nice swim, Ironman!!!

Mallie said...

Awesome, Sara. Glad to hear it!

Wil said...

THAT'S some iron sis talkn if I ever heard it. Ohhhhhhh yeah, and btw... "they" do go away, but not for a REALLLLLLLY long time ;)

Jennifer P said...

Beautiful! You will appreciate swimming more and more as you continue along in this adventure!
What's "they"? I used to "talk" to the Lentil a lot when I swam.

Rachel said...

Good for you. It's all about just being out there and enjoying it. Your baby's going to come out doing flip turns!

TriSonq said...

Your baby is also getting in some great workouts! :)

BTW, just noticed you have your 2008 schedule posted. AWESOME!

teacherwoman said...

Nice, Sara! Good feelings all around!