Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Halfway there already

So yesterday I had my first ultrasound.

It was pretty cool! And weird. It's so strange to see this little thing with its little arms and legs kicking around...and it's IN YOU.


Especially when you're watching it move all around and you don't feel it. I swear it was doing somersaults in there.

We are not finding out the gender, although it was very clear to the technician...which then made me kind of want to know. Just because she did.

But no--we really want this to be a surprise. I do have a pretty strong vibe, though. I have pretty much the whole time, actually. And my vibe is usually really good. I am 13 for 15 in guessing baby genders of my friends/family.

(watch me be wrong on my own, though)

Any guesses out there? Anyone getting any vibes?

So I came home, showed off the pics of Baby Z to the 'rents and in-laws and soon-to-be Uncle Mike, and then celebrated by going for a 3 mile run.

3 whole miles! Yahooooooooooooooo!

I felt really, really good! It was slow, and is getting even slower as every week goes by. But it reminds me of who I am, so I'm going to keep doing it as long as I'm comfortable and the doc OKs it. When I lace up the Brooks it makes me feel like me again--even though me is quite slow.

Cool Neighbor who laughed at me last month for my slow pace saw me again about a mile from home and rolled his window down to get my attention. He said he was impressed I was still running--to which I replied that my running is in quotation marks. He told me later his son asked him, "Why does she have to slow down, Dad? Is she hurt?" He couldn't tell I was pregnant! That actually makes me feel good, because it must only be in my belly and hips (hence, easily camoflauged by the one pair of running shorts I have from my 30+ pounds days a few years ago) and not in my face and arms like I sort of fear.

I guess the whole being 5'8" thing is helping me out there.

Tomorrow, a swim with Canada Jenn, and Friday, my FIRST TRIBE GAME OF THE SEASON!!!

I am so going to eat a hot dog. And it's probably going to kill me to pass on the nice cold beer. I'll just have to imagine it.

This weekend I'll be paying forward some marathon karma as I work a water stop at the Cleveland Marathon to help out my buddy Courtney. She's running the marathon, AND organizing a team of kids from her school to do parts of it, too! So cool. It will be fun to see everyone out there! The weather, knock on wood, looks perfect for a marathon. Nice and cool, as opposed to today's 86 F!

DaisyDuc, I'll put special BQ Water in your cup! :)


Michele said...

Are you the type that doesn’t shake Christmas presents too????

Glad everything went well at the ultrasound. I am never right so I won’t even bother to guess the gender.

Have fun at the race this weekend.

Dante said...

Good luck with the gender, my partner is due end of August and I was so sure of the gender, but we found out and I was wrong. We are now struggling for names...

Glad to hear all is going well, nothing better than a new baby on the way.

Can your hubby hear the heart beat with his head on your belly yet? We are just at that stage now...soooo cool. =)

Wes said...

That's like, really not fair! You have to share your vibe after teasing us with it like that! I'm guessing because the technician was so sure it's a boy. I hear Wes is a wonderful name for boyz, and could get you free beer for life at my place :-)

Chris said...

I'm guessing boy. :)

That's totally awesome!!! Hopefully, you'll share the ultrasound picture with us if you can find some way to scan it in?

I'm really glad that everything went well. I can't believe that you're 1/2 way already!

Mallie said...

So exciting! I'm going to guess it will be a little girl. I don't know why...maybe just because I want to see another super-duper little female athlete out there!

Have fun at your water stop. I really enjoy being the "water girl" at our local XC races.

Kurt said...

It is a girl. I love to send little pink things. Of course little boys are great to play in the dirt with, perhaps that is why I had 2 of each!

My main goal whatever you have it is healthy and brings much joy to you and hubby (and of course the bloggers who keep track of you)

JenC said...

Either gender is cool, but I'll guess boy.

What water stop will you be at? I'll be looking for you.

greyhound said...

I'm vibing that Baby Z is a dude. Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails in your future?

teacherwoman said...

I am going to take a guess that it is a boy!

Running Jayhawk said...

You are totally going to have a boy. Just in case you're wondering.

I can feel it! :D

Jennifer P said...

Doesn't the ultrasound just blow you away? I'm glad you're not finding out. It seems to be the year of the boys so maybe you've got a boy percolating in there. But I hear it's easier to tell if it's a girl. Hopefully it's not both.

Josh said...

To know or not to know...

Hard decision to make. Harder still to keep methinks.

Good Luck!

Bolder said...

the technician knew.


same way i was recognized.

in my two ounces of lycra at Wildflower...

i'm just sayin'

DaisyDuc said...

I give you credit. I would have to know!!!!!

Itza boy....! I got this feeling though that whatever this little one turns out to be, it will be athletic!

E-Speed said...

so exciting! My vibe says girl, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Rae said...

Aww man!! I was really hoping you would find out!! Bugger!