Sunday, December 04, 2005

The World is My Treadmill

Well, it's 28 degrees outside here in lovely Northern Ohio....but I love it. On the agenda today is a 1:15 run at Zone 3. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window before church, I thought, "Oh boy." About 3 more inches had fallen. It was beautiful, but I knew that no one would have their sidewalks done early today as it is Sunday. Should I go to the gym and hit the treadmill? It would be warm, sure, but I know my attention span. I think I have exercise-induced ADD. I'll get on a treadmill, go for what feels like three miles, and look down to see I've been running for 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Then I literally lose my marbles and jump from machine to machine every ten minutes just to keep my sanity.

Do they have places for people like me? Cardio-phrenics?

So I went to church and on the way home, thought long and hard. I love snow. I love running in this. If I go to the gym, yes, I will be warm, but I will probably go nuts and not finish the run.

So, I layered up, and headed out.

"It's a beautiful day...the sky falls and you feel like it's a beautiful day...don't let it get away..."

Just me, my iPod shuffle, and my fuel belt. The roads were freshly plowed but the sidestreets still had a layer of packed snow on them. My heart rate moniter was diligently beeping every time I went over 157 beats per minute. It forced me to REALLY slow down and run what I normally run as 8 miles in 1:15 to about 7 1/4. The slow pace let me really enjoy the fresh snow and I got to notice little kids in snowsuits. A happy golden retriever jumping in the snow. Kids at the sledding hill I used to ride down as a kid. An older couple all bundled up holding hands on a walk.

"You're on the road, but you've got no destination..."

At about an hour I chewed on 2 Clif Bloks, my new gummy-electrolyte snack of choice, and headed back down the street that leads inadvertently to my house. I took off my gloves for the last 15 minutes since I was so warm. The air was really crisp and even though it was a typical cloudy day, the white snow all around me was really bright. I was glad I decided to wear my sunglasses.

"You love this town even if it doesn't ring've been all over and it's been all over you..."

I was in the zone. I felt like I could go forever. Have I really been running my easy and long runs at the wrong pace all this time? The slower pace kept me in check and allowed me to fully enjoy the run more than I thought I would.

Thank GOD I didn't go to the gym.

"It was a beautiful day...don't let it get away."

Back home to see my husband had already shoveled the driveway. The Christmas lights were covered with fresh snow and the kids next door had made a snowman. I walked inside to be greeted by Mugsy and a cup of hot chocolate.

It was a beautiful day.

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