Tuesday, December 13, 2005

a rough day

It's a rough day. I have come to terms with the fact that I am injured. I'm not sure what it is, but I am definitely in pain. See, I've been having lower back pain for over a month now, and I've just been doing what I do when my '99 Chevy Cavalier makes a strange noise...I ignore it. It'll be fine. Kept on keepin' on. Ran tons, swam hard, biked harder.

Last night on my freaking REST DAY, I was catching up on chores and felt a PULL when mopping the floor. Sharp, shooting pain in the back. I did some stretches Marie showed me, hoping that would be enough. Laid down and set the alarm for 5:15am. The pain was so bad, that I couldn't fall asleep. Matt brought me some Aleve, which helped a little, but I woke up in pain at 3:08am. Tears welled up in my eyes as I turned the alarm to 6:30.

I would miss my swim.

I am admitting that I'm hurt.

This sucks.

Maybe I'm lucky--I've been an athlete pretty much all my life and with the exception of catching a ball with my face in 10th grade during a fastpitch softball game (yeah, I don't recommend that), I've never been injured. I've heard my runner friends complain about being hurt and I really sympathize because I can't imagine missing more than one workout--let alone being out of commission for months!

I hurt. I don't know what to do. I can't deny it anymore.

I'm hoping that if I take 2-3 days off it will be fine. But I STILL hate missing these 2-3 days. I miss waking up and feeling that great feeling when it's 6:45 am and you've had an awesome swim. I miss coming home from yoga at night feeling totally relaxed. I think I will probably have to bag yoga tonight, which makes me really sad.

But the thought of missing 2-3 weeks, or even months, of these feelings makes me even more worried.

So, I'll have to do what the majority of Americans do after work anyway...sit my butt on the couch. Ugh.

What's on TV tonight, anyway?


Curly Su said...

sucks! i'm so sorry!

but let's see...tonight on tbs there is this really funny new show at 10 pm...try it out...

ugh. sorry to have suggestions for that. lame...

BuckeyeRunner said...

Sorry to hear about your injury! I hope that it is nothing serious, and that you will be back at 'em soon.
Found your blog through Curly Su; It's nice. Looking forward to following your journey to IM Wisconsin.