Thursday, December 15, 2005

Me vs. the Raccoon

Well, we caught him. (Or her, not really sure)

He's actually kinda cute, but REALLY smelly. He looked pretty pissed in his trap though. Now after we cap the chimney he'll be set free, as I'm a total bleeding heart and told Matt there's no way I want to kill him. Matt proceeded to tell me that he's just a rodent but I said I didn't care. :) So the animal warden will be back to pick up Mr. Coon after school today and the saga of the Chimney will finally be over.

Okay, onto tri hopefully I won't be scared to ride the trainer in the early morning down in the basement! Yay!

Had an awesome run last night and did my pickups really well. I did the last few stronger than the first so I felt good about that. This morning it was hard to get moving, but I made it to the Y and enjoyed just one other person in there with me at 5:45! Ahhh, peace and quiet swimming.

I felt a little sluggish in the pool today, but still did my 3X200s at a good negative split, so that felt good. Then I was totally running late at home because I sat down to eat some breakfast BEFORE my shower. Usually I do it the other way around but since Matt was in there I thought I'd eat first--big mistake. My lazy bum didn't want to get back up as I enjoyed my Berry Cheerios. TOTALLY running late for school and on the way out knocked over my full coffee cup onto the floor and my pants! Arggg....good thing the pants were black and not my white ones I almost wore!!! So I am caffeine-free at the moment and now that it's my planning period I'm off to Cravings. I need my "fix." :)

Feeling really good so far about how training is going. My back is much better, too, and I think PT Marie's exercises have really helped. Now if I could just get a snow day.....

Come on, freezing rain, head our way!

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