Friday, December 02, 2005

Any substitute for sleep?

I'm serious.

Is there some kind of magical power or spell that can make me need less sleep?

After yesterday's 5:45am swim, that evening I decided to head out for a 40 minute run in the snow. It was really beautiful, but then again, I love snow. Just me and the mp3 player and snow crunching under my feet. It felt great! I felt like I could keep going for another half hour or so at least!

Got home--ordered a pizza and made a big salad--drank lots of water....and then CRASHED!!!! At about 8:45 I returned Sammy's phone call and left a message for her that I was going to bed. I went upstairs and tried to read Runner's World, all in vain. Turned the light out at 8:55. Matt and Mugsy came up to see where the hell I was since we usually watch the Cavs game together, and I was asleep!! I slept like a baby until the alarm went off at 6:25 this morning.

Now I'm wondering, is this what's going to happen to me every night? Or, will my body get used to this eventually? I feel like such a loser. Who goes to bed at 8:55???!!! Even my dog's up until 10. (Although, if I got to sleep all day and chew bones as entertainment maybe I would feel more peppy at night, too) I'm remembering days in college where we'd be up until 2 at the bars, then I'd go to student teaching at 6am, come home, take a quick nap, and do it all over again. Oh wait--I remember--there was no workouts to be had then, just many Natty Lights.

I usually require at least 7 hours but I'm fearing this IM training may raise that quotient a bit. How do people do this with kids and stuff? I can't even imagine...more power to you guys. I feel like I barely have time to do my job, and relax with my husband and dog with the 2 a day workouts...

Everyone says you need to listen to your body when you do this thing, though, so maybe that's just how it's gonna be with me.

I need to set up this trainer--I fear that road rides are done in northeastern Ohio until about March. I'm so bad with directions though...thank goodness Matt has more patience than I do with that stuff!

Until next time--at least I'm nice and awake/alert today!

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