Saturday, December 10, 2005

Busy busy weekend!

Okay. I admit it. I played hooky yesterday.

Well, it's OK though. I took a personal day. No fake sick for me--this was legit I swear! I slept in until about 9 which was great. My back bothered me a bit so I decided to cash in on my free massage I won at the Runner's Workshop I went to back in November. It was awesome. I took the day off and didn't get my workout in, which made me the anal retentive one feel quite guilty, but my physical therapist buddy last night told me that was a good thing. She gave me some great stretches to do, too, while we enjoyed cookies at their place--thanks Marie! :) Always good to have a friend who knows how to fix ya up!

Matt and I headed out to the east side to do some Christmas shopping, and we got quite a bit done! Then went to Marie and Adam's new place and had a great night.

Today I woke up to go down into the basement to do my 90 minute ride with some of those oh-so-fun single leg drills...and lo and behold our RACCOONS were back again! Thankfully they were already gone, but they left a mess behind in their wake...paw prints all over the place. Ugh. Matt called Animal Control again and we have traps set up so now we actually have to hope they come back again to trap them! Creepy. Damn things keep crawling through the chimney. They are MEAN animals, too. I worry about Mugsy but I know he's safe upstairs. So hopefully we'll catch 'em tomorrow and then cap the chimney when the sweeper comes this week. Drama, I know! Oh the exciting life of homeowners....

So I was freaked out by Exhibit A of paw prints and woke Matt up to help inspect. He made an even better block of the chimney using an old table and some cinder blocks. Then I felt comfortable getting on my trainer and doing the ride while losing brain cells watching E! News Life. (ie. Did you know that Britney got mad at K-Fed and repossessed his Ferrari? But now they're OK. Um....yeah. That's what I mean when I say "lose brain cells")

Had a great ride and now off to a wedding-- and Matt the U2 concert! Sooooooooo jealous I have to give up my ticket, but I'm being a good friend and heading to Peter's wedding instead. (Damn, Peter, couldn't ya have gotten married LAST Saturday?) :)

Til tomorrow...

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Tammy said...

Racoons! they look so sweet, but they ain't. I used to have Akitas... big, Japanese bear-lookin' dogs. The local racoons were NOT afraid of these dogs. We had a scarey episode once, but luckily everyone got out of it unscathed. Good luck! Steer clear of those buggers!