Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ruminations from the local Y

Wow--craziness at the Y this morning.

Well, first, let me say that some of the craziness stemmed from the fact that it was 8 DEGREES OUTSIDE. Yeah, that sounds like a great morning for a swim! Woo hoo! Let's go!!!


Anyway, it seems to be getting a little easier to get up in the mornings. The not-showering-the-night-before-a-morning-swim thing is working. Sneaking out without Mugsy hearing me and barking like crazy is the tricky part.

So I made it to the Y by 5:40 today and my jaw about hit the floor--there were about 10 people crammed in this little lane-less pool! People were swimming on top of each other, for crying out loud! Let's just say that some of these people are not the nicest to swim with, as I learned last year, when I asked an older woman if I could possibly share a lane with her. She jumped down my throat about how "she had every right to be there" and "of course she minds if I share a lane!!!" Jeez--okay. Chill out.

So I sort of found a spot where some friendly-looking people were talking on the wall and asked them if I could share. They weren't thrilled, but let me in. They said that "no one else here is in the sharing mood." For crying out loud! It's 5:45 am! We're all in this together, people! Can't we all be nice?


So most of the people that got in at 5:40 were out by 5:55 or 6. Then it was just 4 of us. How bizzare! Much nicer though and I didn't have to swim like a worm tunnelling through mud. :)

Had a great workout today: 500 warmup, then 8X 75 of drills/strokework, followed by a 500 pull, and 10X100 getting faster at the end. Did my last one the fastest, so I was pumped.

Came home to find my coffee already done--nothing better than that! Threw my ingredients for turkey-veggie-chili in that wonderful contraption called a Crock Pot. Now I'm off to home to enjoy a nice bowl of chili and then head to Yoga tonight....ommmmm...

Was it a full moon last night? My students were NUTS today. In one class a kid thought it would be funny to take a maxi pad (unused, thank GOD) and stick it on a kid's back. I actually had to say, "Rory, give ME the maxi pad!" Um, that's just not something they teach you about in education classes in college.

Thank goodness for good workouts, yoga, and Crock Pots.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I went to a party once where the name tags were panty liners.

Curly Su said...

we were swimming at the same time this morning! you need to find a pool with lanes, and what is this 'no sharing' thing? such people would be kicked out of the pool in my gym!