Wednesday, December 21, 2005

why, oh why?

Okay, today was the first day of vacation which was WONDERFUL. My regular YMCA's pool is closed this week for cleaning, so I had to seek out another Y to do my swim. Thought this would be a good time--however, my experience at the WestPark YMCA was less than desirable for the following reasons:

1. It's pretty gross. I mean, I know Y's are not flashy places. But this one had nasty black fuzzy mold in quite a few places. The one I usually go to is nice and clean...

2. Why do elderly people feel the need to walk around naked in the locker room? Privacy, people. It's a beautiful thing.

3. Another elderly woman in the locker room was HOCKING A HUGE LOOGIE into a clear plastic cup while I was trying to change from my swimsuit to my running clothes. I was practically dry heaving. WHY did she think that was a GOOD IDEA????????

4. After my 2600 yard swim, I had an hour run on the "dreadmill" with 10X1 minute pickups. I am such an outside runner, but thought well, heck, since I paid $6 to get in here and my hair is wet, maybe I should run where it's not 26 degrees. 9 minutes into my run my iPod shuffle ran out of juice. 51 MINUTES TO GO and what's on the only TV in the dirty cardio room?

Judge Joe and Divorce Court.

I had to listen to a man that said "cheating was in (his) blood" and he "couldn't help cheating" on his wife....grrrrr....don't even get me started on why this woman was still with him....but I literally could feel brain cells fleeing my cerebrum...I finally changed it to ESPN for the last 15 minutes of the run....ahhhhhhhh! Sanity!

So, I had a great workout in the sense that I swam hard and ran hard. But the surroundings were less than ideal. :)

Once again, trying to focus on the positive, though....better to be working out at the WestPark Y, despite it's nasty decor and naked older people, than to miss a workout due to health or other serious issues. Things could be a lot worse!

So pumped to head to Columbus tomorrow for the day to see Tri girl Shannon! My old tri buddy that moved to Colorado. We did our first sprint together back in 2001. We've come a long way since then! It will be great to catch up.

I can't believe Christmas is on Sunday! Man, 2005 FLEW by. 2006 will be so exciting that I can hardly await its arrival. So far on the docket are a trip to Denver, a week in Arizona backpacking the Grand Canyon, and taking part in 2 of my good friends weddings. And, of course, the biggie....September 10th...the date ingrained in my head for IM MOOOOOO!

I feel like 2006 is my Christmas present!

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BuckeyeRunner said...

Your 2006 sounds like it will be a blast! I am jealous that you are backpacking GC. I have never been. My husband spent 2 weeks in Glacier Nat'l. Park a few years back, but I didn't go. We backpacked in the Great Smokies, and did portions of the Appalachian Trail. Awesome. But I really want to go out West some time.