Monday, December 19, 2005

Granola bar + 10 mile run

Not the best way to run.

Got up yesterday a bit later than expected and had to really hurry to head over to the Valley to meet some Solers for a 10 mile trail run. Of course, I was out of Clif Bars, my favorite pre-run meal. I thought, no problem--I'll just stop at the Speedway and get a PowerBar. I know they have them there.

Got to Speedway on the corner at 7:45 and they were CLOSED! Closed? You're a freaking gas station! People drive before 8am! Grrrrr....

Sped to another Shell station and all they had were rice krispie treats and granola bars. I opted for the latter.

Sped 50mph through the valley and finally made it there at 8:05. I felt sooooooo bad because I know how much people get annoyed when people are late. Apologized profusely and then started my run.

I love running with those guys! They are so much fun. About 45 minutes into it though I felt my gas tank running out. I of course was out of gatorade at home, too, so it was water and gu time.

It helped a LITTLE bit, but I was soooooooooooo dead tired. I felt like I couldn't keep up. Finally made it back to the car and headed home. I ate leftover brunch food from Saturday (yum) and tried to rehydrate. I took a warm shower, and then PASSED OUT in bed with Mugsy until 2!!!! I guess it was my body's way of showing me it was pissed off for making it move for so long with no fuel.

When I got my tired ass up, I headed straight to the wholesale club to buy a huge thing of gatorade and ClifBars.

Sorry, body--I promise I won't do it again! Please don't hate me. :)


Flatman said...

Way to puch throught the sluggishness and finish anyway! Great job.

Flatman said...

puch=push, throught=through...

monday=can't type!

Cliff said...

puch all the way i say :).

I am glad u puch it. Your body might be hurting a bit but it will become stronger.

Clif bar...never leave home without it.