Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm feeling really thankful today.

Mugs is sleeping on my lap after a busy busy morning for a dog's world. Matt and I made 142 buckeyes last night. You know, the peanut butter chocolate dipped balls. Sooooooooo good. Kinda an Ohio tradition--especially for my family at Christmastime.

Why was I making 142 Buckeyes? I was hosting my first cookie exchange this morning. I wanted to be sure I had plenty.

Cleaned up the house last night, Matt and I enjoyed a nice movie by the fire, and then we headed to bed. I got up at 7 to finish a french toast casserole thingy and hop on my trainer.

I watched the news and argued with the TV (damn political pundits don't know crap, I swear) about Bush's decision to use the NSA to "eavesdrop." I started to, in my bizarre history teacher mind, draw parallels between what I was hearing the stupid pundits say on TV to what people must have been saying during the 1950s in the height of the Cold War. But, that's a whole 'nuther topic...I digress...(sigh)

Had an ass-kicking ride of 1:15 with 5X3 minute pushes and 3 minutes of recovery in the middle. It felt great.

Matt popped my casseroles in the oven for me (what a great guy!) as I hurried up to the shower. Just as I finished curling the hair (it's getting really long and is taking a long time nowadays!), I heard Susan at the door.

As my friends and some of their friends started popping in with cookies and smiles, it really just made me happy. We laid out all of our Christmas cookies on the table and enjoyed coffee and the breakfast stuff I made. The 2 new recipes I tried from Cooking Light were a huge hit, which was great since I had never tried them before! (always a little nerve-racking to try a new recipe for friends)

We made a fire, shared some laughs, watched Brooke and little 11-month old Bridget giggling, and made fun of my Christmas tree with ornaments that I made in 2nd grade on it. (I mean, really, how could I have ZERO artistic ability? ZERO? It's true though)

As we shared cookies with each other I snapped a picture and it really just made me smile. Here's my buddies at my house to celebrate Christmas. I actually HAVE a house. How did this happen? When did I suddently enter adulthood? Or, am I not really there since I still make stupid jokes about BALLS every time I make or eat buckeyes? (huh huh...huh...uh...I said BALLS)

I just am having one of those moments when I'm really thankful for my friendships. My health. The ability I have to do what I do. Maybe I didn't get in line when God was handing out artistic ability, as sorely demonstrated by my reject Christmas tree ornaments. But he blessed me with great friendships and a great family, a wonderfully challenging career, and enough persistence and drive to become what I guess you'd call an "endurance athlete."

He gave me a sweet little dog that's snoring on my lap. He showed me that my husband was really my friend I met back in 10th grade when he asked me to go to Homecoming with him.

It's the little miracles that make Christmas magical. I think as I'm getting older I'm appreciating that more.

Off for a half hour run in the snow....but first a little nap. The dog's got the right idea.

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