Wednesday, December 21, 2005

oh geez...I've been tagged

Tagged a few days ago and I so didn't know it! Oops! I will blame it on the last few days of school and the subsequent insanity that it brings. I now need to reveal 5 things you don't know about me. Since I just started this blogging thing about 3 weeks ago, um, you probably don't know much about me at all except that I love triathlon and have a pug. So I guess I will list a few more than 5. Alright, let's see what I can do...

1. I absolutely love the movie Billy Madison. I am often found quoting it in my classroom. I feel that you can really apply any quote from this movie to any situation in life. eg. "Lookit what we have here! A silly penguin!"

2. I have a strange rule about eating food that looks like animals. But I LOVE meat. Strange, I know. For some reason, I can eat a square piece of steak, because it doesn't look like an animal, but I can't eat a chicken wing or drumstick. Huh?

3. I truly believe this with all my heart: The New York Yankees are the Evil Empire. Today's news of Johnny Damon crossing over to the Dark Side further backs up my claim. GO TRIBE!!!!!! I've been an Indians fan all my life, and YES, that includes when they were 50 games in the cellar in 1988.

4. This is an addendum to 3: In college in 1995, the Indians were in the playoffs. I was OBSESSED and watched them every night in the dorm basement. I talked about "my TRIBE" all the time. So much so that, due to my tan from the summer and long dark hair, my new friend from Cincinnati thought I was Native American until NOVEMBER. (SERIOUSLY!!!!)

5. I love White Castle Cheesburgers, but really only eat them once every 2 years or so.

6. Family is the most important thing to me, and I can count my entire family (extended, too) on two hands.

7. My husband's family is HUGE. I mean, they had to color-code t-shirts for the family reunion HUGE. It's been fun to join such a large family and have this new experience. Last Christmas Eve I got to join their festivities that he's been doing all 30 years of his life--getting together with all 17 cousins, 12 aunts and uncles, and his grandparents to eat pizza and pierogies. For this Italian girl, it was quite a change! :)

8. I absolutely positively love my career and love what I do. It challenges me every day and I can't imagine doing anything else.

9. Beavis and Butthead will ALWAYS, always make me laugh. Any time. Every time.

10. I really love cooking a great meal. I'm not much of a baker, but I will whip you up a tasty meal any day of the week. Good wine is essential, too.

11. I was president of my sorority in college. I swear I'm not a drunk sorority girl though. Well, not anymore at least.

12. My mom is my idol. No lie. She is a strong, amazing, inspiring woman. I also hope I age half as well as she is doing, as she is often mistaken for my sister and GOT CARDED at a bar last summer. She's 55.

13. I really wish I could meet Queen Elizabeth I. She fascinates me. Ditto for Thomas Jefferson. I've got a few questions he needs to answer.

14. I once got a detention for asking "What?" in 9th grade Geometry class. It was my one brush with detentions in high school.

15. I am passionate about 4 things: love, politics, teaching, and ice cream.

16. My husband was my 10th grade homecoming date but we never dated until 2001...and now we live in our hometown. Never woulda guessed this one--but we've got some great awkward pictures!

17. Just tonight we discussed possibly moving in a few years--it comes up every once in a while--to Arizona. LOVE IT there. Don't know if I have the guts.

18. I believe very strongly that everything happens for a reason. Everyone's path I cross and everyone who crosses my path can teach me something.

19. I love all kinds of music except country. However, I did listen to country the one year I lived in Cincinnati. Since I moved, I've never listened to it at all.

20. I'm a heck of a softball player. I gotta admit I can hit a ball pretty far. I play rough and love to get dirty, too.

21. This may sound naive and dumb, but I went into teaching because I really believed I could make a difference and change the world. I've learned a lot since then, but I still think I can.

Okay--I think I'm out for now. Now I need to tag 5 people--but I'm not even sure that 5 people read my blog. Hmmm...I guess I'll tap the only ones I know that have made an appearance...can people be tapped twice? Hope so...

You're it:




BuckeyeRunner said...

Hi! Nice job on your list! I really had to think about mine, to come up with 5!
Glad to hear you are running the Cleveland Half! There should be more than a few bloggers running in May! Have a great holiday!!

Spence said...

You're not the only one disgusted with Johnny D.'s defection to the dark side. Wait until he hears that he has to shave and cut his hair. Have we no loyalties anymore, Johnny? How could he bail on the Sox??? I'm a Boston fan thru and thru but the only fans I truly can't stand are Yankees fans. Glad you're not one of them!

Love your blog by the way...count me as a frequent visitor from now on!!

Cliff said...

Your mom got carded at 55....impressive..i thought only asian get carded b/c most of us look like we are 18 (myself included).

Spence said...

OK, so I've been wracking my brain... "TriSaraTops" from some book or movie or some mystery, right? All I can think is Scooby Doo but it's not that cheesy. Isn't it some clue that someone gives on their deathbed and there's confusion about Sara Tops versus Triceratops etc?? It's driving me insane that I can't remember... a clue please?? ;)

Flatman said...

Great list! Anything with Adam Sandler rocks.

I admire your teaching philosophies, but could never do it myself (well, maybe college)...

Wil said...

No surprise that we have yet more in common - feeling you on 18, 20 and 21 especially. And now, to fulfil the tag ;)

E-Dub said...

a.k.a - "double entendre"

It has been noted that I've been tagged again... I may need a few days. I'm still reeling from the last one (it's been less than a week).

Have a Great Holiday, Sara!