Monday, May 21, 2012

Yesterday Came and Went

The race I registered for and worked my butt off for was yesterday.

Yesterday morning kind of sucked.  Ironically, I slept in and came downstairs to make some coffee at--wait for it--8:42am.


(The race started at 7:00)

But I know I made the right call.  This injury thing was more serious than I initially thought or wanted to believe.  It's been 3 weeks of not running and I am just now feeling like I am almost back to normal.  I don't feel pain up stairs or on my tiptoes, and I actually had to run after Bean as she took off down the street (girlfriend is FAST) and I felt no pain.  So there's progress!  And some hope.

On the bright side, I've been swimming pretty well, am back on the bike without pain (and had a couple of great rides lately, even if they were only 20 miles or so) and my upper body is getting jacked (ha! relatively speaking of course) from all this P90X baloney.  I hate it, but I love it.  Or something like that.

And this weekend I got to hug and squeeze my new niece and nephew who are the CUTEST BABY TWINS IN THE UNIVERSE and yes, I'm serious.
Proud Cousins Bug and Bean
Today I put my money where my mouth was and wore my prom dress to school.  The deal was that if my kids raised over $100 for an awesome charity, Girls With Sole, I'd wear my prom dress to school all day.  Each class had a minimum of $10 and I had to have at least one class hit $100.  At the time, there were 3 days left and my biggest donation from one class was $4.47.  Needless to say, I was pretty confident I'd be safe.  But they really came together in the name of charity public humiliation.  Good thing I'm a good sport!  So it was 1995 in Room 221.  I almost played them some Ace of Base to get in the real spirit.  You don't remember this little gem?  I distinctly remember blaring it the day after prom in a convertible as we drove around a state park and thought we were awesome:

Oh Swedish '90s bands.  You're cute.  I love you. But what is that dude DOING in this video?  Is he dancing?  Does he smell something funny?  OMG, what is HAPPENING HERE?  And is "the sign" the same as that weird symbol that Prince used to call himself?

But sorry, no pictures.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I'm pretty sure a few pictures are probably bouncing around the twittersphere and instagram.  Just look for the fool wearing blue sequins (although I don't have the dye-to-match shoes anymore).

Turns out my classes brought in the most money!  So I'm proud of them.

My AP kids are working on something kind of amazing right now, and my World kids are humoring me but really wishing it was June 7th.  And man, could I ever use a good, hard run.

Soon, right?  The worst part is over, and the sun still came up.  I didn't spontaneously combust.  And I'm getting excited to get this thing better already so I can start bricking and tri-ing and doing what I love to do.


Carolina John said...

There were some days back then when Sweden really knew how to rock. I went to proms in 92 and 93 so we knew the ace of bass then too.

TriEric said...

OMG...can you imagine if we had dressed up and cheered at the marathon? We would have suffered heat exhaustion. Glad to hear you are doing better.