Friday, May 04, 2012

The Ankle Games

It's like the Hunger Games.  And my left achilles is Katniss.

Hopefully it will make it to the end, too.

Haven't ran since Sunday, which means I've been on a steady diet of carbs and feeling sorry for myself.  It feels much better than it did on Monday, and my students have gotten a kick out of me wearing an ice pack on my ankle during lectures.  I went to see my ART guy today and he was positive, but still realistic.  When I told him Coach E wanted me to run 45 easy, then assess and if I felt good do 45 more with some 3 minute pushes, he said, "Um, no.  I don't want you to do that."


He thinks we can still get to the race, though.  There's definitely the start of some issues/injury, but he thinks I can still do it.  I'm heading back Tuesday for some more work on it.

I just hate to think I've come so far for nothing.  But I know it's not nothing...I've built up some great fitness and there will always be another race.  I know.

But it sure doesn't make it feel better.

Trying to stay positive over here...gonna meet my superawesome friend Laura tomorrow morning for a nice easy 45 with maybe a trainer ride after as suggested by Coach E.  And I'm trying to remember that I've done all my long runs, all my hard runs, everything is in the bank.  I just thought I could put a few more deposits in before I needed to withdraw, but hopefully I've got enough saved up to get me there.

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