Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T1 to T2

I'm a little sad.  Seriously.

But happy, too.

I just sold my very first road bike ever....the bike that took me on my first MS 150 tour, which then led to me thinking, "wait a minute...maybe Ironman isn't completely insane..."

And then the bike that got me to the starting line--and the finish line--of my first and only Ironman.

It's WAY too big for me (I know this now--it's a 56cm and I ride a 52 for crying out loud), doesn't fit me at all, and I've been passing it around to friends and throwing it on the trainer here and there.

But it's definitely got a lot of miles in it.  And my friend Laura, who is a tri-studette looking to get back into tris, is also about 5"11'.  It fits her perfectly.

It's time to say goodbye.  But I can't help remembering all the miles.  All the hills.  The falls, the occasional tears.  And sometimes swearing.  Getting lost, getting flats, getting 9 years of memories and stories and miles on that bike.  I bought it when I was just starting out in this sport.  I clipped on my handlebars and clipped in some pedals.  I remember riding it that first summer, thinking, "this is the single best purchase I've ever made," and falling in love (after a few bumps in the road and breakups) with triathlon.

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True dat.
I was single.  I was 25 years old. The road ahead of me had a million twists and turns and I didn't even quite know which route I was going to take or which finish line I'd be heading towards.  But I had one badass new bike, and I was ready.

It's got a lot of good karma.  I hope it brings her lots of adventures.


Kat said...

It's funny how we love our bikes, isn't it? Mine makes me crazy, but it's MINE... no matter what. :) I hope your bike is well loved by her new owner.

Marv said...

Understand. I still have my first road bike. It is too small but I have it on my trainer. Not ready for separation anxiety just yet.

Carolina John said...

I sold my first road bike last year and it was kind of tough to let it go. But it all works out better in the long run.

Blue Ribbon Fish said...

So glad Laura bought the bike! We had a great ride on Saturday and she completely underestimated her capabilities. It's going to be a good summer!

Katie said...

Aww....I was SO sad when I sold my first road bike too.