Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks to my cheering section!

I wanted to say a HUGE thanks to my girl CERVEZA. She is one of my Nutter girls and spent her spring break this year down in New Orleans to help rebuild some of the leftover Katrina damage. That is awesome enough. But then she got up early the day after driving four thousand hours to New Orleans to cheer me on!

Seriously. Could I be a bigger tool?

And then she was there at the finish line!

And then she was with us on Bourbon Street that night!

We're fast approaching our 10 year anniversary from Miami, and I'm so lucky to have such a great group of girls to call friends. I just wish we all lived in the same house again. Or, maybe not...something tells me we'd be really likely to skip work in favor of drinking on the front porch on a sunny day and then staying out until 5:37 in the morning. And then we'd all get fired.


Hedda said...

Awwww, those were the days. Beer delivered to us on the front porch while we chicken people salad and watched the first years head to the bars in their black b*%#@h pants. Congrats on rocking the race and kudos to Cerveza for being such an awesome fan!

Brian said...

5:37? any meaning behind that?

I guess your hand gesture in the pic is better then flicking her off

Run for Chocolate said...

Nice race! Looked like a lot of fun! Did her parents really name her Beer in Spanish?