Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yo, he's my brutha.

Wanted to give a little shout out to a cool guy in my life: Brother Mike. Mike is actually the inspiration for my name, as that little guy LOVED dinosaurs. When I was trying to think of a snazzy little blog name it popped in my head.

Here we are as he displays his outstanding fashion sense. I don't know why he used to wear that thing on his head all the time. Then again, I'm not one to talk here--I used to wear a red bucket on my head and bang an oatmeal canister drum around the house.

Mike is cool for many reasons, but mostly because he just rocks. He gave me the coolest birthday present--check it out! Stupid blogger won't let me post the picture. Arg!

I think if aliens ever come to my house, I'm going to hide in this bag. It seriously could stash me and enough food to feed a small army--and still have room for my gear. I used it in New York and it was perrrrrfect. Thanks, Mike!

See, Mike got all the speed in my family. This guy's got serious game. He won't admit it, or he'll downplay it by calling himself "slow," but in his heydey he was a darn good cross country runner. He was part of the team that finished 4th in the state after taking home the Division 2 title THREE YEARS in a row. In fact, I'm sure if he really felt like it, he could go bust out a sub-18 minute 5K, like, tomorrow. What's your PR, Fartknocker--17:20? Yeah, you sure are SLOW. :)

I keep asking him if I could just "borrow" his sheer running talent, so just once, I could do that. He said he'd let me if I could arrange it. He's still a tremendous athlete, but prefers to lift weights and stuff to get all buff for da ladies and whatnot. He pretty much thinks I'm nuts with all this triathlon stuff. That, and he likes to play NHL '94 with his friends ("It's not me so much, but Roenick...he's good....") and go out and be all 26 and have a social life. Imagine that!

So Mike, you might think I'm crazy, but I really just wanna be you. I remember going to your high school cross country meets and just being in awe of my little brother. Man, he was fast. I never thought I could do what he did.

Who am I kiddin'? I never WILL be able to do what he did. But I can go slow and steady for a ridiculous amount of time, I guess.

So thanks for my b-day present and for being part of my inspiration, Mike! Ladies, he's single and extremely cool. But you must pass my test of approval first. :)


Wes said...

Fartknocker... Oh, that's a good one. I hadn't heard it in a long, long time... Excellent post, TST, when you are done being "Mike" can I be next?

Cliff said...

Are you trying to hook your bro up? :)

sub 18 min 5 k..oh that's fast...tell him to go do a tri..he will tear the course up.

Kim said...

TriSaroPod, did you know that the name of the dinosaur I just named you after means that you're the longest living dinoasaur? I think with that knowledge, I should be a candidate to date your brother! :)

mouse said...

ha! you just pimped your brother out on your blog! too, too funny.

I also have a brother that has crazy speed and who was always (and still is) an inspiration to me. maybe i'll go tell him that, because this was so cute!

btw... bro may be single and extremely cool, but the real question is... is he a Cav's fan? :)

Flatman said...

Brutha-man...nice gift. Sara, he's going to love you for all the play he is going to get. :)

Chris said...

That's a neat picture of you guys as kids. One of my favorite things to do is look at folks' kids pictures. It's nice seeing that adult face in the kid sort of thing.

Nice backpack, too! If you don't need all of Mike's speed, be sure to send some my way. :)

Lance Notstrong said...

Awwww, what a cute picture. You were just a little saratops then :-)

TTUTri said...

Hee Hee - Fartknocker - I turned into a first grader all over again when I saw that word. Too Funny!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Fartknocker--I say that all the time!! How funny.

Awesome backback and even better tribute to your brother.

Joe said...

Nice hat.

E-Speed said...

you're too cute! All the ladies are going to be lined up at your bro's door now!