Saturday, July 29, 2006

Well...they can't all be good, I guess...

Um, hi.

I just got back from a ROTTEN run.

I just couldn't get my mojo together today. Ugh.

Sat in an ice bath for 15 minutes and drank a whey protein recovery drink...I'm really hoping that my mojo shows up for tomorrow's century.

I waited until it was the hottest part of the day ON PURPOSE (okay, that's just sick and wrong, yet necessary) and headed out with the temperature hovering around 90, a cloudless sky, and over 60% humidity.

Usually, this hasn't bothered me TOO much. But today, I dunno. I just couldn't get my groove.

Came back home to refuel and was dripping EVERYWHERE. Sweat all over the place. Even my own dog wanted nothing to do with me.

Then I headed out for another hour, and it sucked, to put it mildly. Gone were my usual "I love running!" feelings, and in came the "are we done yet?" thoughts.

My overall pace was SLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW and I came in just under 14 miles. Ugh.

At around mile 13, I saw Rob across the street! I thought it might be a hallucination. He crossed the street and ran with me the last mile-ish to my house. I'm really glad I ran into him there, because I just felt like cow manure. He helped me think about something other than feeling like poo.

So, we'll just chalk that one up to some money in the IM heat bank account, I guess? Better I do this now than run early when it's nice and cool and then DIE on September 10th, right? I learned that lesson the hard way for Deer Creek HIM in 2005!

On a lighter note, please please please go over to Jodi's blog and see for yourself MR. TIGHTY-WHITEY MAN from the Musselman HIM. Seriously. WHY? Mr. Tighty, if you're out there, WTF????? Can you please explain what happened? There are so many theories floating around my friends but we really just need to know.

Off to dinner with a friend, and then BED....and my first century tomorrow followed by a 30 minute runoff.

Hopefully it will go better than today! Oh my mojo.....where are you?

Mojo blogger friend, can you loan me some of yours?


BuckeyeRunner said...

Good for you for gutting it out!!! It is HOT out there today!! Hydrate up and eat some carbs, and good luck on your century tomorrow!

Chris said...

Don't kill yourself over that run. Sounds like it was hot and everyone slows down when it's hot. Gotta take the bad days with the good and better to have a bad day now than on 9/10!

Good luck with the century tomorrow. We'll be suffering out there together if that makes you feel any better. :)

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Don't sweat it... Oops, no pun intended. Really, I did the same thing last week; went out at the hottest part of the day purposely to acclimate. My usual half-mary pace was upped by a minute or so per mile and I just felt all-around terrible.

Bummer, but realize, it's only the heat/humidity. I went out the next day at the crack of dawn before the heat set in and was lighting my run on fire.

Wes said...

I'll give you some of mine, since I plan to drink heavily tonight and won't be needing it tomorrow. Good luck on your ride and run-off. We're thinkin of ya!

Pharmie said...

May the mojo be with you! Thanks for your help tonight. Good luck tomorrow!

Michele said...

Hate those bad runs, but good job staying with it.

Good luck on the centry!

Mojo said...

Sending you a good dose of Mojo~~~ for your long ride today! :)

Maybe you felt slow, hot and like a cow patty but that's not what counts. It means you are the woman for finishing that 14 mile run. You can chalk up a few extra mental points.

Looking forward to hearing if today was better, chin up!

Rae said...

You are going to be SO prepared in September!!

Good luck today!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Your moju (or juju as I call it) will return. Running in the heat sucks and that is the ONLY reason it was so bad for you.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

oops, I meant mojo, not moju. That's what I get for typing and talking at the same time.