Saturday, April 08, 2006

a number

The craziness is finally over. Whew. I feel like I can breathe. The thing that's even better is that I confronted the craziness a bit and dealt with it, and it lead to some very good conversations despite a few tears that helped a lot of parties involved see things in a new and true light. Hopefully this will lead to open and honest communication and to less of me feeling guilty.

Afterwards, Matt and I enjoyed dinner and got a chocolate-raspberry brownie with some decaf from Panera Bread for dessert. Mmmmmm. I think if I could just give up my sweet tooth I'd have like zero percent body fat. But then, what fun would that be? ;)

I did have to cut my bike short today and do it on a stationary bike at the gym--SUCKED--as my baby is currently getting a tune-up. I went to the sweet bike shop around here, Bike Authority and had them "pimp my ride" with a new tire, chain, possibly a new computer, and then also treated myself to a new pair of Trek gloves and a light-colored helmet. The helmet is awesome--fits like a dream. And it will be MUCH better than my old one which was black (ouch--combine that with long black hair and you've got a HOT fricken head in the summer) and stays put as opposed to my old one that drove me nuts.

And....drum roll please....I just ordered an AMAZING pair of Sidi shoes!!! Had my eye on them for a long time and figured I deserved them. :) They will come in within 2 weeks, and I got a good deal, so I will post them in all their glory.

I emailed Coach Kara to ask her a few questions this week. See, I sort of surprised myself with 2 good runs at Hinckley Hills, last week's long run, and this week's track workout. I really was surprised. I thought, geez...I must be the strongest I've been in a while to pull out these numbers. So I thought, I wonder what I could do in a short race?

Ahhhh yes. Competitive Sara is rearing her ugly head.

But really, I'm just kinda curious....if I hammered just once, what could I do? Could I possibly PR? I haven't done much short-road racing in almost 2 years now, so I hit my 5K PR quite a while ago. It's OK I guess, but I was never really that impressed with it. Now part of this is because my amazing brother is SUPER FAST and his 5K PR is 17:20. So, yeah, um, I have a hard time measuring up to that. :) But still, realistically, I really thought I should have that PR a little lower. Not 17 minutes--let's not get carried away here!!!! ha ha

So I told Kara about my long run and told her my track splits. She already tested my VO2 max back in December and told me back then that I have the potential to be running "One More Mile" times. One More Mile is the pace group 2 PACES AHEAD OF MY GROUP. I sort of chuckled and said, "Who, ME?" But she gave me a convincing argument and it got me thinking. Wil once said, potential can be a scary thing. But an empowering thing. When someone tells you that you have potential, it really can change your mindset.

So there's a race next Saturday. One I've done before. Nice and flat. Nothing too fancy. I won my age group there a few years ago. We have a good relationship, the race and I. I wondered, could I PR? Is now a good time to try?

Kara emailed me back. Holy crap. She said with my numbers on the track and my VO2, I should be able to run this number that's significantly faster than my current PR.

Over a minute faster.


Is that for real? She knows her stuff, and she thinks that I can run that number.

It's scary for me to even type the number. If I type it and tell you, then that makes it more real.

But maybe it will make me reach it, too. If it's out there, then it's not a secret anymore. Then I've made it clear my body can do it. It's up to my mind to get me through.

Why is it so scary for me to type this number?

Agh! I've debated for the past 10 minutes whether or not I should even post it.'s official. I have signed up for the race. I've got the potential and my body can do it. I have a week to get my mind ready and remember that yes, my body scientifically can hit this number. It can. She said it could. The track splits say it can. The VO2 says I can. I'm physically strong enough to do it and if I am confident, I can pull it off. I've changed my blog's song appropriately.

Oh geez....I'm seriously nervous. No turning back now once I tell you. You'll know my secret too.

*inhaling deeply*



TryAthlete said...

I dropped my 5K PR from 24-ish to 22-ish, so it's possible to take a minute off 5K.

The only battle's in your head.

Warm up, then run according to how your body feels for the first half, then, in the second half, go for it!

Scott said...

It sounds like you were able to resolve some things that will let you focus on your training. Great work!

I like the number 22:30!

Cliff said...

Do it... :)

E-Speed said...

You'll totally be able to do that! Good Luck!

And I am so glad too because this means just maybe I too will be able to PR in the 5k this summer while training for Steelhead :) My 5k PR has been hanging over my head for WAY too long!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Sounds good!!

Meagan said...

You are going to do great! Just go with the flow of your body, and push when you need to :)

Chad Austin said...

Go for it, Sara. Don't freak out about the pace. You can't go into a race worrying about the outcome. Just go out there and listen to your body. If you do that, the time will take care of itself.

Oh and do you know what a 22:30 5k calculates to for a marathon? 3:39!!! That would be a BQ. Time to start wrapping your mind around that one too.

qcmier said...

Are we going to get pics of your new toys?

Which race did you sign up for? I might be able to squeeze a race in. Drop me an email before you head west. Have a good trip.

Papa Louie said...

The numbers are there! Now your mind needs to be there. You can do it.

Chris said...

You know... these short 5k and 10k races scare me worse than these longer events do. There's something about not really pushing that hard during workouts and then being expected to come out and give it your all on race day (or maybe some folks do go all out during training)?

In any case, best of luck with your 5k! I don't think Kara would have said it if she didn't believe it! All you have to do now is convince yourself. :)

greyhound said...

"His imagination resembled the wings of an ostrich. It enable him to run, though not to soar."

--Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (on John Dryden)

I sense some real wings on you. SOAR, Sara.

tri-mama said...

Go FOR IT!!!!! You can only try-and it sounds like this is a good time to try--cheering from a far!

Dan S said...

I can't stop eating brownies, icecream and those Damn Cafe Mochas. I think I may have been a humming bird in my past life. DAMN 5lbs!!

Batman said...

Great Post! I was on the edge of my chair. Go for the GLORY! You can do it!

rice said...

Give up the sweet tooth! That’s a hard one. I have been working on it since Christmas. I cheat a little with ice cream or a couple chips, nothing big, every two or three weeks. I’m really trying to kick the ‘habit’ and then maybe someday I can pick up moderation. I quit smoking in 97. That was a piece of cake (pun intended) compared to this. Oh and on “what fun would that be”? That’s the only thing that keeps me going, is how amazing it feels. The suckyest part is that it takes two-three months to really feel the good. SMACK DAB IN THE MIDLE OF EASTER CREAM EGG SEASON!. I must stop now and go to my happy place..



Robb said...

The only race I've ever run is a 5 K. I remember a bunch of ladies passing me on the last k...and there was nothing I could do about it...they ran a smart race.

22:30 is certainly do-able for you Sara...and the darn thing is over before you know it. Tryathlete and Zeke are bang on...then again, you know what to do. Relax through the first half and then kick some butt on the way home.

Rae said...

That would be an awesome 5K time! Good luck this weekend!!!

And congrats on all the new bike toys! Can't wait to see them!