Monday, April 03, 2006

I was RUN-NING...

So I'd like to know what kind of crazy crack I'm on.

Yesterday, Matt and I set out for our long run--he wanted to go 10 miles (which was AWESOME! So proud of him!) and I needed to go about 2 hours. I figured I'd just go with what felt good and truck along.

Turns out, the weather was perfect TriSaraTops weather: 51, a little bit windy, and cloudy. I LOOOOOOVE it when it's that temperature. I put on shorts and a long sleeved cool-max t-shirt. Perfect.

So what felt "good" ended up being pretty darn fast. For me, that is. Today I taught briefly about popular culture and sports in the 1950s and we mentioned Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile. Now, I am just not that fast--not even close. The fastest mile I've ever run was the first mile of the Old Oak Run back in 2003 I think...I got to Mile 1 thinking, "Gee, there's not too many people around me..." The kid at Mile 1 yelled out the times:

"6:32, 6:33, 6:34...."

I'm not proud to admit that I then proceeded to yell the F word pretty loud, because I knew what that mile 1 time meant.

Sure enough, around mile 1.75: GASP. WHEEZ. Poop. Blew that chance at a PR. :)

Guys like Zeke, Papa Louie, and all you other speed demons out there can do that pace while running up a hill, balancing a hockey stick on their nose, and simultaneously juggling three turtles. But for me that's a rare occasion.

Mostly, I'm pretty much a top-third age grouper who brings home hardware in smaller races.

So, again, "good" for me (average effort, not too hard at all) on a long run is usually around 9:45-10:15.

But for some reason, yesterday, "good" and "not much effort" was 9:11. The whole time. My last mile was 8:57.

What am I on? Seriously!

I think the answer to that is "hills" and "weights." The past few weeks I've been doing the Hinckley Hills with Iron Johnny and really focusing on weights and core. That's the only explanation I have for running 13 miles yesterday feeling pretty average and finishing 5 minutes off my half-marathon PR.

What the heck is happening to me?

Hey, it's good, so I'll take it. :)

I was at the grocery store today, getting stuff for dinner, and managed to find what I think were the last 5 bottles of Endurance Formula Gatorade in northeastern Ohio. I'm not kiddin'. I can't find this schtuff anywhere. So I then had a conversation with the 16ish check out girl that went something like this:

Me: Um, do you know if you guys can order more of this stuff? I just bought everything you had.
COG: (eyeing me strangely, like you look at someone who is talking to themself on the street) What is that?
Me: (rather sheepish, as if I've just been caught smoking in the bathroom) Um, endurance gatorade.
COG: What do you need all THAT for?
Me: Well, um, it's on my race course so I figured I'd give it a try.
COG: What race course is that?
Me:.....Ironman's like this triathlon....
COG: (eyes get big)
Me:'s really...uh, long...
COG: No, I know what it is. Wow!
Me: Yeah, you know, it should
COG: That's awesome. I'd never be able to do that.
Me: (suddently the ums and likes are gone and I get serious) Yes you could. I said I'd never be able to do it just a few years ago.
COG: Really?
Me: Really!
COG: Good luck!
Me: Thanks!

So maybe I'd pass along the tri-bug that way. After all, when I was 16ish if someone told me I'd do an Ironman in 12 years, I'd laugh at that person really hard.

And somehow now I can go out and run 13 miles at a 9:11 pace after a day of lifting weights and still stay up to watch the Tribe game. Well, not all the game. Come on, it ended after 2am. From what I read it doesn't sound like I missed anything worth staying up too late for.

But we're still winning the Central. As I've said every year since I could talk, "This is our year." :)

This is MY year.

I can just tell.


Eric said...

Old Oak 2003, I think that was the last time I really saw you run and you were just getting into triathlon.

There's no way I could juggle turtles much less anything else.

Awesome exchange with the checkout girl. At least she knew what Ironman was. Make sure you go back in the fall and show her your medal.

tri-mama said...

Nice run! I gave up looking everywhere for Snickers Marathon bars and just ordered a few cases online. Don't people realize how important this stuff is?!?

Tammy said...

Are you saying it's possible to bring home hardware running a 9:45 min mile? Or did I misread? Wow... I just figured I'd never have a shot... I'm sure I can get to a 9:45 min mile.

Cliff said...

I am confuse, TriSaraTops. Why do you say fish when u realize u run so fast :D...

good stuff...most ppl i talk to have the same reaction.."oh Ironamn..i can't do it...[insert excuse here]"

How is the gatorade endurance?

TryAthlete said...

One step closer towards Winsconsin! Well done.

qcmier said...

1 - Hills and weights will definitely make you a stronger runner. I'm all for it.

2 - I'm considering cutting back on my Endurance Gatorade. If I see you soon I'll give you some.

3 - Isn't inspiring someone to try (or at least make them think about trying) something an awesome feeling.

4 - No, Sunday nights Tribe game was NOT worth staying up till 02:00. Trust me.


Scott said...

This is all good. Thanks.

Spence said...

Nice running, Forrest. I'm currently aspiring to 10 min. miles...will try the hills and weights to test the theory for you!! Excellent job...this is definitely your year...

Chad Austin said...

"...while running up a hill, balancing a hockey stick on their nose, and simultaneously juggling three turtles."

Actually it's juggling hockey sticks with a turtle on my nose, but you were close.

It's always great to have confidence boosting workouts like this one. Great job! It just proves that you're getting stronger (which = faster).

Oh, and as far as the Central goes, the Twins are back, baby!!!

Chris said...

I credit the faster running to Mother Nature bringing Spring around. It's the only explanation that I can come up with! I know it's certainly not my training volume that has gotten it there. :)

Jamie said...

Good for you. I always love to see someone getting better because of hard work! The good part is you are going to keep getting better!

Papa Louie said...

Thanks for the idea. I can juggle with 3 oranges but not sure of balancing a hockey stick on my nose. I'll send you pics when I can perfect the challenge.
Keep up the good workouts.

E-Speed said...

nice job on the run!

yeah glad I went to bed after the rain delay was announced...

Curly Su said...

congrats, sara--you sound like you're doing really well--glad to hear it!

Kim said...

That's my girl...screaming profanities like a champ! Great run!

Fe-lady said...

Hey sara...go to Ellie's blog at ""- she is up at the canyon right now..or maybe on her way to Phoenix by now. She had some snow/rain/cold...but you never know what's in store for YOU...and down in is quite different than the rim by several degrees. I would bring rain gear at least! Have fun! (Great conditioning by the way..all that uphill hiking you will be doing on the way out!)

Keryn said...

All that training is paying off! Feeling any more confident about doing an Ironman yet?

I love the internal switch from the hemming and hawing "I kinda do sports" thing to the "I'm a triathlete and you can be to." It's a great feeling. :)

Robb said...

The stuff of inspiration. And why wouldn't you get faster and stronger? You've invested a lot in your training and it's paying off.

Excellent...good weather helps!

Susan said...

Sounds like it is going to be an awesome year!

Ellie said...

Wow. Really cool. I had a conversation like that w/ a check-out-girl at the Safeway the other day. She asked me because she noticed I had an Ironman WATCH!!!

Rae said...

How awesome! I bet you really inspired the check out girl.

Great job on the run, too!! Awesome!