Monday, December 26, 2005

sooooooo excited

...OK, this is not tri related, but our good buddies just told us they're having a baby! I am so pumped. They are the coolest people and I'm really excited for them. She said she still doesn't feel "old enough" to be having a baby, and I can totally relate! I have some friends that are my age that have kids that are in school already, but for some reason the idea still is a little terrifying for me....guess that means I'm not ready yet! Hopefully you just know you're ready? I hope?

Then, I got to talking with her about my "baby" named IM MOO...a 9 month ordeal I'm about to jump I know it's not really a good comparison except that I am also anxious, nervous, and excited. I wonder if I'll really be any good at it and if I can make it through. In that sense, in some strange and distant light, I think it does parallel my thoughts on someday starting a family.

I guess it's not the kind of thing you're really ever 100% READY for. By READY, I don't mean ready. You definitely get ready. You read up, study, prepare, buy stuff, and get your body ready. But being READY means you know exactly what will happen at every moment along the way. This is really, simply put, unrealistic in both cases. I'm no expert, but from what I've heard from friends who have embarked on both ventures, is that you never know what's going to happen. You can't predict each moment in either case. All you can do is prepare yourself the best that you can and get ready... and take a certain leap of faith that your body will just know what to do and your mind and soul will get you through it, whatever it brings.

So I await with anticipation and excitement for July 26th--their big date--and September 10th--mine.

I hope they make some super small IMW t-shirts! :)

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