Saturday, December 03, 2005

A nice little "ride"

Finally set up my trainer! Well, actually, let me rephrase that...Matt set up my trainer. I suck at following directions and putting stuff together. It actually wasn't as boring as I thought! Popped a movie in and started my workout: 15 min in zone 3, then 6X1 minute single leg repeats. I had never done single leg repeats before...they SUCK!!! Much harder than I anticipated! Hopefully I'll get better at them as I go on.

Then a short little 30 minute run in zone 3. I bundled up and headed out in the freshly fallen 6 inches of snow. I LOVE running in snow. Give me 30 degrees over 80 degrees any day. It was absolutely beautiful. So peaceful and quiet. I found that it was hard to keep my heart rate in zone 3...I REALLY had to slow down! No way I could run with my buddies and keep the heart where it needs to be. Hopefully that will help me in the long run, as everything I've read said it does, but I felt like a bit of a slug. No worries though, as the scenery was so pretty. I'm gonna get all sappy here, but I was very content and really felt like I am lucky to be able to train for and complete an Ironman. There are so many people out there that for one reason or another, don't have the time or ability to do something like this. As the going gets tougher (which it undoubtedly will), I really need to remember that I am lucky to be doing this.

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