Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Challenge of the Thursday Swim

Thursday. The day before Friday. The end of the week, but not quite the weekend. By this time my teacher self is usually pretty beat and that's BEFORE the IM training started. So, I found it especially hard to get up this morning for the swim. Definitely not as easy as Thursday. I laid there for a few minutes and finally got up at 5:19. I was DETERMINED to get to the Y early so that I could secure a lane after Tuesday's debauchle.

Moving a little slowly, I headed out into the 6 degree weather. (Yes, that's SIX. Singular.) The morning is really peaceful though, and there's something about hitting the road while everyone else is still in bed. It's like it's my little secret.

Got to the Y and lo and behold--THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE POOL! I mean, zilch!

I thought for a minute that I was in the wrong it Sunday or something?

The lifeguard said, "This NEVER happens!" and I told him that I was shocked after coming on Tuesday and practically feeling like a salmon. I enjoyed a nice peaceful swim alone for a good 20 minutes. I made the first waves in the pool this morning. What a cool feeling.

Did my workout of 500 warmup, then 8X50s drill, then a 600 negative splitting on each 200, and then 6X100. I was pumped to do my last 100 even faster than my last one on Tuesday. Cooled down and headed to work.

Took me longer to wake up today at school--I still feel a little groggy but all things considered it was a great swim! I feel like I've got my game back in the pool. Now I just need to feel the same about my bike.

Newbies committee meeting for the Tri Club this Sunday--I'm pumped! It will be fun to be on a committee to help people experience their first tris and "catch the bug." It wasn't so long ago that I was in that position.

Looking forward to a massage tomorrow to hopefully help my hammys! I've been stretching at school a bit which has helped, but you can only do so much before the kids start giving me wierd looks. "Um, I'm stretching my your homework!" ha ha

Til tomorrow...

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