Friday, December 23, 2005

break out the tank tops and flip flops's sunny and 41 degrees here in C-Town!!!!!

Wooo hoooo!!!!

I'm not being sarcastic--I'm actually really excited. See, people in Cleveland really truly appreciate sun and anything over 40 degrees this time of year. That's one thing I've found by living here most of my life. I love it here, but even I must admit that our weather blows. Cold and snow don't bother me--I actually really enjoy them. I would rather run in 25 degree weather than 80 degrees any day of the week. But what I hate is the GRAY. We have GRAY weather from about mid-November to the end of March. So, when the sun peeks out here we all get ridiculously excited. Matt's leaving to go for a run as I speak, and he HATES the cold. It's even funnier to see people walking their dogs outside with t-shirts on, or when my students show up to school with shorts on when it hits 50 degrees for the first time. I love it. When we were in Phoenix 2 years ago getting engaged and stuff (man, it's already been 2 years!), it was 62 degrees and we had shorts and t-shirts on. We were like, "Woo hoo!!! It's HOT out here!" I KID YOU NOT, people had DOWN PUFFER jackets on with mittens! We got such a kick outta it.

So anyway, I love it when we get a day like this. I'm probably going to take Mugs for a walk here and I wish I had my 1:45 run schedule for today and not Sunday. Oh well--it's supposed to be 42 on Sunday so hopefully the sun will peek out for me then.

I had a great swim at the Y today--last time going to sketchy Y, yay!--and feel pretty confident about swimming. I LOVE swimming. I wish I loved biking as much. Hmmm...maybe that will come.

Had an awesome time visiting Tri-Shannon in Columbus yesterday and then hanging with Steph, Doug, Christy and Dave for dinner before making the trek back north on I-71. The drive went fast since I talked to Sammy for a while and got to catch up with her. Tonight it's meeting up with 5 other buddies for some beers and the Cavs game.

Gotta wrap some presents now...I'm such a wrapping slacker!!!!

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve, everyone!

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RTG said...

It's almost irrational how we get about 40-degree temps around in Minnesota at this time of year, especially after so many sub-zero temps already. So I share your exuberance.

It was 41 when I ran today. If not for the windchill, which dropped the comfort level slightly, I likely would've run in shorts. Funny, I wouldn't consider running in shorts if we had 40-degree weather in the summer months.