Saturday, February 04, 2012

Well, not what I expected, but I guess better than the alternative

So the plan was to run with Ana today, then take the kids to swim lessons, then splash around all morning and grab lunch on the way home.  Grade all the AP tests during naptime, and relax with the hubby in the evening.

Here's how it went:

  • Felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks at about 7pm last night.  Passed out.
  • Texted Ana at 6am telling her I'd be really really stupid if I tried to run.  Thought about maybe swimming.
  • Woke up at 8:30am with my head throbbing and unable to breathe.
  • Realized swimming with a sinus infection would be kind of a death wish.
  • Felt sorry for myself.
  • Slept all freaking day while Matt was with the kids.
  • Missed them all a ton.
  • Demanded a Saturday do-over, but no one was really able to make this happen.
  • Threw back one more Nalgene of Emergen-C, water, or OJ/ginger ale.  Lost track of what is what since I can't taste it anyway.

So yeah.  My wonderfully planned day got shot to hell.  But I guess given a choice of this or stomach flu, I'll take this.  I'm really hoping that this means I won't get the stomach flu, even though I threw myself under the puke bus Tuesday night.  Pretty much every kid at the babysitter's got it, and now my friend's other kid AND her got it, too!

Evil evil evil stomach bug.

Speaking of Bug, he was so sweet and kept trying to give me hugs so I would "feel all better and play now."  I wish it worked that way!

Hoping this clears up ASAP because I was just starting to get in a rhythm with workouts before this week!  A toast with an OJ-ginger ale cocktail, anyone?


Carolina John said...

yea I was cleaning up kid puke all night last night and hoping that I would be spared.

vo2mega said...

The only times I ever manage to loose weight is when blessed by a stomach bug ...