Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The TST Playlist, 7/100

So I have this group of girls.  We're pretty tight.  And awesome.  At least, we think so.

We've been through a ton together--lots of laughing, lots of things not appropriate for a public blog, pancake fights, tart fights, obnoxiously-loud-stumbling-home-walks to 15 E. Vine Street, annoying sorority-rushs songs, late nights, heartaches, weddings, races, babies, and lots and lots of laughs.

These are my Nutter girls.

Cerveza and I on Bourbon Street after IM New Orleans 70.3, 2009

Me, TBone, and Jacks the night before WIBA, 2008

Okay, so sometimes our guy friends can tag, my buddy Sam, and Nutter Po in the front, 10 year Miami Reunion, 2009

Po, TBone, Me, Jacks, Lush, Hedda, and Cerveza, at Jacks' wedding, 2010

Sometimes when I'm with them I end up doing things like this:

Regardless, we'd been through it all.  Everything you could go through, we did.  

Or so we thought.

Tomorrow, my heart will be with my Nutter TBone.  All of our hearts will.  Because she's been through--she's going through--something no one should ever have to do.  My other awesome buddy E posted this song a few weeks ago and immediately it made me think of TBone.  Because this song made me happy, and it made me think of all the times I have had so far with these girls, and that we've always got each other's backs no matter what.

Love you, Bone.

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