Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TST Playlist, 3/100

So I was all stoked to run with Ana Monday morning, but her kiddies had been sick with the stomach flu and she texted me that it was a looonnng night.  Been there.  Totally understand.  No problem--we made plans to run Tuesday.  I relaxed Monday and decompressed after a super fun but super busy Christmas weekend full of goodies, Batmobiles, yummy meals, and chunky flower puzzles.  And my new Kindle!  That I didn't even realize I wanted and now I loveloveLOVE it and can't put it down!  Woot!

Monday was gorgeous and sunny.  Matt needed to get in a workout so I just took the time to chill and figured I'd get in a good 8 miles or so Tuesday morning.

Except I got up Tuesday to run and, strike one, heard the rain.  BOOOOO.  Cold, freezing drizzle.  Oh hellz no.  I can do cold, and I can do rain, but 36 degrees and raining is just pretty much the worst case scenario for me.  EVER.  Me no likey.

But I'd have company, right?

NO.  Text from Ana, at 1:07am:

"Just kidding--now I am puking!"

Noooo!  First I felt bad for my poor friend.  That blows.  Then I felt bad for poor me.  I was all dressed up to run outside.  I hate dreadmills for anything longer than 45 minutes.

BOO all around.

So I sucked it up and decided to run outside for the both of us.  Me and the trusty iPod, which is in dire need of updating.  But it did have this gem on it from my friend, Chien, who is the mastermind behind Actually, Records in Chicago.  Chien is pretty much the most creative musical genius I have ever met.  The guy's been like this ever since I first really got to know him back in high school.  Whenever I need new tunes, I hit up Chien.  He's been making me mixes that he calls the "Toasty Arcaro" mixes (uh, long story) ever since they was on actual mix TAPES, yo.  And this song came on and it helped me run a bit harder when I really was questioning my sanity for going out in such craptastic conditions.  Thanks, Chientos!

Come get your beat back in the game
Gotta put my foot down switching lanes
Sensation pumping through my veins
Let's go again
I got your back so let it rain!

8 miles done.  Sucked, but still better than the treadmill.

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