Friday, December 23, 2011

Flip Turn Flashback, Preggers Style

So I switched to the new blogger layout (look at me, all techy!  not really) and I saw that quite a few people were finding my blog by searching "flip turns while pregnant."  Which, in turn, cracked me up.  Because I took great pride in doing flip turns, all the way up to the end.  The very, very large end.

So, out of my May 2010 archives, I have dug up the video that my preggers buddy, the superawesome JenC took with my little underwater Olympus.  See?  It is possible.  And no, I'm not entirely sure I could have possibly gotten any larger.  I bake big babies, people.  For realz.

So if you're pregnant and wondering if you can still do a flip turn, here's me at 38 weeks pregnant showing that it may not be pretty form, but it is possible...

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I swam up until the last min. too! (But I was a torpedo belly...WAY bigger than you!) ;-)